Ex-Kirishneri official of Dolce Vita sent to oral trial due to conflict of negotiations and money laundering

Gustavo Gentilethe former Kirchnery official for whom he became famous The luxurious life of luxuries, palaces, jewellery, expensive cars and tripshe will have to face an oral trial, accused of buying a construction company through pranksters to take advantage of public money that he later laundered to get into his pocket.

Federal Judge Sebastian Casanelo The first section of the investigation into Gentile that concluded regarding the alleged incompatible negotiations with public office in real competition with money laundering, having been present on both sides of the counter, considered, As Chairman of the Comptroller of Road Concessions (Occovi) Between 2008 and 2015, a hidden partner of companies that amassed fortunes through the intervention of that body.

Casanelo ordered Gentile to sit as defendants before the Oral Federal Criminal Court, which is issued by lottery. And that he would do so with a group of alleged participants in his criminal maneuvers: Ricardo Lopez Naun, Alejandro Luchetti, Jose Manuel Guzman, Andres Basman, Hector Jose Giuffrida and Miguel Andres Ducote.

An investigative judge, like the federal prosecutor Federico Delgadoestimated that there is sufficient evidence to accuse Gentili of having acquired, in the shadows, 30% of the shares of Sycic, of which he was a partner from October 16, 2012 to November 2016.

For this, Gentile turned to Lopez Naun, who played the role of the first man and benefited from “Cooperativa Credinver Vivienda, Credito, Consumption and Social Services Ltda”, in which Andrés Basman served as director, an operation in which Luchetti was also involved. Since then, according to court evidence, Gentili had devoted himself to making decisions as president of Occovi that Sycic benefited from. This is the same. For example, by forcing franchisees on ways to hire their own consultant.

Six maids, three nannies, character trainers and diamonds for a three-year-old daughter, in the list of eccentricities of the Gustavo Gentile family

“Gentili, as a general employee and partner of the Corporation, intervened in the contract between Ausol and Sycic,” Casanelo explained in his order for promotion to trial, and in response to “Personal interest in this business by diverting the interest of the state.” Along the same lines, Gentile intervened in the bidding procedures for Routes 4 and 8 lanes, such that the companies involved required “technical approval” from the consular consulting firm, whose partners acted in connivance with him, whose “personal interest was conditioned by the state”. bargaining will.

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As with Sycic, Gentili was also a shadow partner of Consular Consulting.which had recourse to Ducoté as a figurehead, c“Allowing him to continue conceiving the economic benefit of the said act of corruption,” Casanelo concluded. In this context, the judge rejected the defensive arguments made by Gentile, Bassmann, and Goffrida, who argued that more evidence should be developed, or even requested that they be dismissed.

Now Casanello must move forward with the other investigative departments of Gentili, his family and work environment, which include his wife, Laura Andian, Also a former official with him Shared from a mansion in a private country, high-end vans, property in Uruguay and frequent first-class flights He, his second wife, and his eleven children, Gold jewels, bundles of dollars, diamonds and rubies.

Gentile spent $28,500 to rent a house for two weeks in Punta del Este
Gentile spent $28,500 to rent a house for two weeks in Punta del Este

The evidence in the file reveals the involvement of other close associates of Gentili, such as lawyers Edward Rock And the Horacio Diaz Cero, in questionable operations, such as the purchase of a construction company. “They both maintained a regular relationship, at least via email, with Lopez Naun, Gustavo Gentile and Ducotti,” Casanelo commented when dictating the first indictment to Gentile. “This operation and the acquisition of a portion of Gentile has been coordinated among all those named.”

The same evidence that Al-Adl recovered by raiding multiple homes and seizing computers and phones records the desperate attempts of those involved to speed up and hide their tracks in the criminal process. Lopez Known wrote to another concerned person in November 2016, when Nation It has already brought to light Gentile’s luxurious life and justice has begun to be served.

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Upon issuing these first lawsuits, the judge also ordered the forfeiture of more than $811.5 million from Gentili, López Naon, Pasman, Luchetti, Giuffrida, companies Sycic, Cooperativa Credinver, Perugia SA, Rocma Equities Corp, El Maitén Emprendimientos and $1,623 million more. from Guzmán, taking it to $1,211.5 million against Ducoté.

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