EVO 2021 has been canceled due to the pandemic

This event will mark the return of the head-to-head EVO format, with 40 of the best players participating in 5 games.

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The pandemic continues to affect the face-to-face events, and on this occasion, it was no less so for EVO 2021In continuation of the online tournament that was held in early August of this year. The spread of the Delta virus was the main reason for the cancellation of the event.

We will continue to work to get back to live eventsEVO . CrewBad news spread on social media for the event itself, with organizers expressing their deep sadness at the decision. Players who will participate in the tournament You will be contacted individually by the EVO team to learn about its advantages.

“The aim of the EVO Show is to unite the best players in the world in a face-to-face live event,” said official speech. “We will continue to work to return to events that society has been waiting for so long.”

EVO 2021 Showcase is a head-to-head competition that aims to bring together the regional champions selected in tournaments held a few weeks ago. 40 players In total, with a choice of different titles Street Fighter VAnd Mortal Kombat 11 UltimateAnd Guilty Gear JahedAnd Tekken 7 And Skullgirls II again.

The event was scheduled to take place on November 27 and 28 in Las Vegas. If we are to console ourselves, Game Awards 2021 He has announced that he will return in the presence of the audience, and We already know the date when it will happen.

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