“Everyone talks about football, medicine and security and most of them don’t know anything”

He responded to the failures to book Christina Kirchner on the day of the attack. Regarding Jose Luis Espert’s request for a “bullet” to stop the protests, he said that “there are idiots everywhere.”

Minister of National Security, Hannibal Fernandezreferenced again this Saturday to Attack against Christina Kirchner And he answered the criticisms leveled at him because of Failed in the custody of the Vice President that day.

He was in conversation with AM 990 where the national official referred to the event that took place in early September. In addition, the deputy criticized Joseph Louis Espert For his statements in recent days and expressing his opinion on them The reason for the wayand accusing the former president of corruption.

“The attack was a situation that even the Argentines didn’t think we would go through again,” he said of the assassination attempt. “It’s a very good assessment and one should seriously learn from what’s going on.”

In this sense, he once again affirmed that there is for him ‘others’ Behind the attack on the Vice President for which Fernando Sapag-Montel, Brenda Olliarte, Gabriel Carrizo and Agustina Diaz were detained.

“When you look at the characters that participated, none of them had any particular training or formation of any characteristic, so I think more and more that above these people there are some Evil mind that is a catalyst. “We will find those responsible,” he said.

He then referred to the criticism leveled at him for the failures to lock up Christina Kirchner that night, with whom he revealed that he had spoken to her and asserted that “the assault did not change her mood because she is a strong woman.”

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She was blunt:In Argentina, everyone talks about football, medicine and security, and most of them don’t know anything.”.

“I have already seen myself in those analyzes who seem to want to kill someone, but I am not willing to accept that this happened. The work that one does is with knowledge. We know what was done, pictures of the place of detention at the time and how I was working.”

He also targeted those who blamed him for the act, describing them as people who “want to pursue dramatic and bloody conclusions to feel they complied with part of the solutions.”

In other words, Anibal Fernandez sharply criticized Representative Jose Luis Espert after being consulted about a statement made by the MP in recent days, in which he asked for a “bullet” to stop the protests.

“Well we can’t be behind these things either, idiots everywhere. You can’t be behind these situations. They are men who are absent from politics, accidentally wet croissants. They think this part of Argentina has paid for its political proposals to say this. Kind of stupid,” he shot the liberal legislator.

Finally, he briefly referred to the Philidad case, in which they requested a 12-year prison sentence for Christina Kirchner, accused of corruption in public works.

“Obviously they are trying to harm her from the point of view of the image to take advantage of it because they can not otherwise. Now we have to wait for the verdict, but it seems to me that the roads are getting narrower all the time,” he said.

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He concluded: “I try to get rid of the expected results in terms of justice because I have to work with them every day. But I know Christina, I know the situation, I signed a lot of files that are being talked about today and I know the result and we have to wait for the verdict and I think there will be an answer.”


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