EverQuest players break a 20-year promise, awaken a giant dragon, and manipulate it

Kerafyrm is an enemy of a formidable force that players have vowed never to awaken.

Ever Quest He is one of those media Who, with many years behind him, managed to accumulate a huge number of players. As in other titles of this style, users have developed a high respect for the community and their own group decisions, so it’s surprising that the community breaks down one of its servant’s most important promises: Don’t wake up the biggest dragon in the game.

computer games It puts all the history of the past days into context. About 20 years ago, the authors of EverQuest introduced a gigantic dragon that served as single event on each server. This boss is in the name of krafirmonly rises if all four dragons guarding his dungeon die at the same time, causing a fight will never be repeated on the server.

Image via EverQuest: Underfoot

Many players have awakened the dragon to find themselves in a brutal and unwinnable battle. However, one of the servers decided to keep Kerafyrm in eternal silence to prevent the event’s demise (although they had no problem defeating guardian dragons to get big loot, always making sure they weren’t all dead at the same time). This promise was fulfilled until last month, when a group decided to take the bull by the horns and Face the greatest legend of EverQuest.

As you can imagine, many players on the server expressed their displeasure, because this battle is not only equivalent to the dragon’s disappearance forever (regardless of the outcome of the battle), but also broke the promise made by the entire community 20 years. Ignoring all the complaints, the guild made her suggestion and awakened the dragon.

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This isn’t the first time that a large group of players have come together Pursue the goal. An example is disarm all nuclear weapons From multiplayer mode Metal Gear Solid Vwhich is unfortunately designated as Impossible proposal to fulfill. In the world of MMORPGs, users are shaped their own rules And they make promises, as in this case, that last for years and years.

Do you want to know the end of the story? The Dragon woke up and beat all the players on his radar and disappeared forever, leaving the entire community unhappy and disappointed.

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