Evan Nehm won’t resign as Senate vice president, calling colleagues’ request ‘excessive’

Representatives in the Green Party room, Inti Asprilla, Fabian Diaz, Catherine Miranda, Leon Freddy Muñoz, and Cesar Augusto Ortiz, sent a letter to a senator from the same community Evan’s name To request his resignation from the second vice-president of the Senate, which is to represent the opposition before the board of directors of that chamber.

On July 28, Senator Nim replied to that letter and confirmed that he would not leave his post. “I would have preferred to come to a meeting with you in person to inform you directly of the itinerary and the specifics of my election as second vice president of the Senate that you have disqualified. I do not want to think that to gain personal political gain from a position I did not seek or promote is a deliberate act of bad conduct”The politician said.

It is reported that on July 20, the opposition seats appointed the senator to this position. Gustavo Bolivar as they agreed long ago. However, the rest of the senators voted blank and not for Bolivar, so according to the law of the opposition, another senator should be appointed, but without reaching a consensus, the Green Party was nominated, for which the vote was finally made.

Name insisted in his letter that no senator should interfere in decisions made in the House of Representatives. “I see that in the exercise of their parliamentary work they have gone beyond healthy and desirable limits. It is not in my head to open a public debate about the often difficult decisions I have made,” The senator tells the representatives of his community council.

“My accession to the position of Second Vice President of the Senate was by the decision of the majority of the senators, as soon as the void left by other sectors of the opposition, which refused to nominate another candidate from the ranks of the MAIS party or from its allies in the historic charter, had been filled. Had they done so, we would have proceeded to Vote for this nomination, as we have done, in compliance with the Conventions, by voting for Senator Gustavo Bolivar “: Ivan Nimes.

The senator asserted that there was no illegal or immoral act neither on his part, nor in the resolution adopted by the majority in the plenary session of the Senate, so he will not attend “The excessive demand you make of me. In this way, I reiterate the call for dialogue, compromise and agreement that has always characterized it as a party”, pointed out.

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In the message sent by the green representatives, it reads: “The unilateral decision to nominate you (name) for second vice president disregards what the Opposition Act indicates.”

They add that the Alianza Verde party, declared in the opposition, carried out responsible and law-abiding legislative and political oversight work, and as party members, “We consider it essential that the said image of an honest and just political organization continues to penetrate public opinion, and for this reason it is appropriate that you consider the possibility of submitting your resignation as second vice president of the Senate and thus reach consensus with other opposition parties in the spirit of the aforementioned law.”.

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