European job searches in the UK fell by 36%

The Looking for a job in the UK by European workers 36% since Brexit, According to a study on a job site Actually. The main sectors that have noticed this decline are more than Hospitality, care and warehouse businessby up to 41%. On the contrary, British companies today are looking for employees, because with the reopening of bars and restaurants, the number of vacancies to fill this position has increased.

The british business people Concerned about the shortage of foreign staff in the European Union in the country brakes UK economic recovery. This mode can also Affect the prices of goods and servicesBecause the shortage of workers is forcing employers to raise wages to attract new employees.

Chairman of J.D. Wetherspoon, a British pub company, Tim Martin, may request British government a Visa plan For European workers to help bars and bars to hire more employees.

More than a million foreign workers have left the UK

what a total 1.3 million non-British workers have left the UK Between 2019 and 2020. The main reason is due to the fact that with the Covid pandemic, Many have returned to their country. On the other hand, Brexit also played an important role in this decision.

However, despite the fact that according to official figures there has been a decrease in the number of citizens belonging to the European Union since the Brexit vote, it has Increasing the number of workers from outside the European Union who came to take their places. Among them, some countries such as India and the former British territory Hong Kong.

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