Euroleague: Zenit – Barcelona, ​​the “last four” after seven years is the prize

Majestic city anticipates a majestic achievement. Not that Zenit’s defeat in a series of five matches will be scored in gold in the history books, that is clear, but it qualifies for Kamel. The last four Yes, it would be worth it and even more if there were seven years of drought.

Saint Petersburg could be Russia’s door to Europe, Barcelona’s gateway to Cologne. The Catalans want to keep signing off on a huge season. Barcelona, ​​absent from the big Euroleague event since Milan 2014, wants to end this jinxiness on Friday, in the first match ball.

Technical satisfied after 1-2

Jasikevicius trusts in the suffering ability of his men to cope with bad moments

Mathematics is easy. If Barcelona defeat Zenit tonight at Cibor Arena, they will stamp their passports among the top four, ensuring their place in the semifinals as their opponent knocks out the series between Bayern Munich and Armani Milan.

The math is as easy as the task is complex, yet the magnificent environment in Imperial City can inspire anyone. Zenit turned out to be a tough, unbreakable and unreliable opponent in the Barcelona Expedition.

Barcelona, ​​like the Tsars, like the Russian revolutionaries, like many others, also want to leave their stamp in Saint Petersburg and to achieve this they will have to apply the recipe during A good stretch for the third match He deserved to express his supremacy over Zenit.

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The best news for Barcelona in the hours leading up to this fourth game is the lack of news. The Catalan team trained on Thursday evening at the match stage, and on Friday morning, also at Sibor Arena, they will have a small shooting session before eating at their Focus Hotel, taking a nap and preparing for the match.

Jasikevicius does not have to regret any victims and all of his men are doing well. Hence the final call-up received some attention, after Westermann and Claver were eliminated in the third round.

On the parquet, two Caesars stood out above the others. The keeper of Zenit’s Winter Palace is Kevin Pangos, whose defense Jacekivicius has not stopped changing his defense since the start of the series. In the first two matches, al-Kindi was a nightmare for the Catalans, but in the third round he did not make much of an impact on the match. On the Barcelona side, there is no Winter Palace that requires guards, but Brandon Davis has shown himself capable of defending even the most impressive fort. The Philadelphia Center underestimated the Russian indoor game thanks to its mobility in paint and its ability to also score from medium and long distances.

In Petrograd, the Russian Revolution began more than a century ago, which changed the future of the country and the history of Europe, and also in Saint Petersburg Barcelona wants to change the fate of its history in the Euroleague and begin to regain the lost position. Zenit-Barcelona with The last four in the game. Does anyone give more?

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