Eugenio Derbez looks like a favourite at the 2022 Oscars for ‘CODA’

Mexico: Not the same Eugenio Derbez He had envisioned starting his career in Televisa in the ’90s, which would be my favorite Oscars 2022 For his portrayal of a music teacher in the movie “Coda: Signs of the Heart”, which hit theaters in United States and Mexico in September.

Eugenio Derbez at the beginning of his career at Televisa in the 1990s. / photo: special

employment “Coda: Signs of the Heart”And Eugenio Derbez brings Bernardo Villalobos to life, a piano teacher who is a “key part” of the movie he directed cyan hydra.

even in Learn Eugenio Derbez to play the piano To give his character more realism, despite the fact that the director told him that they could put a double in the scenes of ‘Koda’ where his character can be seen playing the instrument.

This is Eugenio Derbez’s look for “CODA: Signs of the Heart.” / photo: special

Even many American media, including The Hollywood ReporterPut Eugenio Derbez as one of your favorites to appear in List of nominees for the Oscars 2022 In the category Best Supporting Actor Thanks to his work and “CODA: Signs of the Heart”, a North American adaptation of the French film “Aries family”It was launched in 2014.

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Who will Eugenio Derbez compete with?

So far, that’s just speculation, but if Eugenio Derbez can make it to the Oscars 2022 nominees, he’ll be competing for the golden statue with actors like Jon Berthal, Jamie Dornan, Ciaran Hinds and Hasta Cody Smit McPhee.

What is known about the most important cinematic award ceremony of the year is that the official nominees will be announced on February 8th. While the award ceremony will be held on March 27th at Dolby D Hollywood Theatre employment Los Angeles California.

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