Eugenio Celer (who killed Sarah): This is what it looks like in Blind Trust

blind trust It is a movie starring Eugenio Siler.Who killed Sarah?) and is one of the new additions to the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

Eugene Seiler He is an actor who does not stop accomplishing his successful projects since his last series –Who killed Sarah?– It became one of the most viewed sites in weeks NetflixAnd now we present to you the movie blind trust (Fernando Arrioja, 2021), another option where you can see this beloved. This movie directed by Fernando Arriega was recently uploaded to flow Amazon Prime Video.

Eugene V blind trust / picture: blind trust

the film blind trust It is a co-production between Mexico s United State. In which, Eugene Seiler Bringing this movie back to life John O’Donnell. The Tamaulipas native faced a huge challenge when acting in this movie, because Your role is an immigration attorney Unintentionally involved in a money laundering scheme. Watch how Eugenio Celler said goodbye to his gay role Who killed Sarah?

Eugenio as John O’Donnell / Photo: blind trust

Eugene Seiler Share screen on blind trust With other actors such as Al Vicente, Julia Vasi, Ronald G. José, David De Vries and Tony Guerrero.

blind trust Eugenio admits

This role has already brought Eugenio Siller some joy, as his performance has already been awarded an award Best Actor at the Georgia Latin Film Festival. Eugenio was grateful for this award on his social networks, as it represented a progression in his career as an interpreter. In addition to Eugenio Seiler, watch other actors from Who killed Sarah?

Eugenio is a lawyer in this movie. / picture: blind trust

We still don’t know the next steps Eugenio will take in his life as an actor, but we are excited to see how far he goes and how he continues to triumph with his talent. Learn the story of one of the most complex scenes that Eugenio had to record Who killed Sarah?

Planning to watch this movie starring Eugenio Celler?

with information from blind trust

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