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Stephen Toledo It is the enrichment of the fourth edition of Multimedia Cup 2022 that will take place in High Valley Golf Club.

Toledo, who was born in MexicaliIt’s an inspiration story. From someone who never gave up and made his dreams come true. It can be said that he lived a Hollywood-worthy cinematic life that would also become a reality.

The 60-year-old Mexican turned pro in 1986 and nearly a decade later was able to get into the “big leagues” in PGA Tours.

In total, he played eight seasons on the PGA Tour, then went on to shine in PGA Champions Tour Where he achieved four victories.

He managed to compete with such legends as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Tiger Woods and others.

For all this and much more, Toledo tells us he has already signed a contract with Hollywood To make a movie and already wrote a book.

“Now I’m making my movie. I’m already making a movie. I already have a Hollywood contract. They already told me everything is ready. It’s unbelievable, this little guy who came from below, wrote a book, I never thought he’d write a book and then Esteban Toledo movie comes along.” It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe it.”

Esteban himself can’t believe it because he’s someone who had to enter trucks And many more positions to get to where you are.

“Because I came to Mexico quite simply, I get in trucks and suddenly a movie is going to be made. I can’t believe it.”

Esteban describes his situation as a poor person, who had to work from an early age to help him chestafter Baba Passed away When I was five years old.

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I got on the bus Greyhound He went to the United States with 300 pesos in his pocket.

“I was born in a little cottage in Mexicali and from there to collect balls in the range, then from there to bowl shoes and then sing songs on urban buses to get a little peso to help my mother.”

“From there I went to the US, luckily I got a ‘gringo’ sponsorship. They believed in me and I flew to the US with 300 pesos in my bag. I grabbed a greyhound. I’m going to the US with nothing and I got into the ‘big leagues.’ No Believe”.

For Esteban, it wasn’t the only thing that got to him Big leagues But she stayed. Now it is one example of the history of Mexican golf.

He went on to compete in three major tournaments including British Open 2002 At Morefield Square in Scotland, where he made the cuts.


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