Environmental activists block the UK’s busiest motorway

MADRID, November 7 (European press) –

Environmental activists from the Just Stop Oil group blocked several parts of the M25, a ring road around London, and one of the UK’s busiest, on Monday morning.

Despite the special device prepared by the police, the activists managed to affect traffic during the early hours of the morning, the rush hour on the M25 in London, according to the BBC.

This new protest by the Just Stop Oil group – recognized in recent weeks for throwing food at some well-known cadres – comes on the eve of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt.

The main points affected coincided with the places where there were large information screens, placed on raised lanes where activists placed banners. Essex Police said those involved have already been arrested.

One activist posted a video acknowledging the knowledge that residents affected by the traffic interruptions might hate her, but asked that “all that anger and hatred against the government” be conveyed.

“They betray young people like me (…) What we are asking is what all scholars are asking (…) How many people have to say we don’t have a habitable future? , confirmed the young activist.

This new “performance” occurred just a day after Greater London Police launched an operation to identify and arrest a group of activists. The agency resulted in the arrest of three suspects accused of planning disturbances on public roads.

Just Stop Oil activists have joined current environmental groups in recent weeks and thrown food against famous artworks, such as “The Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Similarly, at least six people were arrested at the end of October for spraying paint on several British institutional buildings in London to demand the government stop oil and gas drilling.

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