Environment Day: Five habits to take care of the planet

he World Environment Day It is celebrated every 5th of June. This day has been promoted before United Nations Organization (UN) It aims to raise awareness about critical situation in which the planet is located. At the same time, he tries this holiday Community education Encouraging the political, public and private sectors to adopt it sustainable behaviours.

during the Stockholm Conference 1972, implemented by the United Nations General Assembly, disclosure concern for the environment, I thought about it The primary role of all people In reference to the planet, it was analyzed which of its behaviors generate risk consequences on the ground.

Single-use plastics can be recycledShutterstock – The Nation

During that meeting, it was proposed to set an annual date to remember the need to buy New environmental habits. Also, a file is created United Nations Environment Program (Panama), An organization that works with different countries of the world to develop new policies, disseminate and educate citizens sustainable living.

every year to World Environment Day Choose a logo for global campaign. In 2023, today’s topic is plastic problem Which represents a goal to achieve a great goal decrease of its production and consumption.

The United Nations Environment Program reports that, annually, More than 400 million tons of plastic are produced. Of this number, at least half are classified as one use only, So it is quickly eliminated. In addition, it is estimated that there are 23 million tons They end up in rivers, seas and oceans, Which hurts badly ecosystemsdue to its low capacity decay.

For recycling, it is important to group items into different categoriesCorbis

One of the tools available to everyone is merging sustainable habits To take care of the planet. That’s why in Ecology There is talk about “Rule 5 R”: A series of steps that must be carried out together in order to Reduce consumption and pollution in the world.

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