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Valencia. They use agile methodologies to visualize and validate business ideas as well as new technologies to automate processes and make them scalable. However, they differ from the modern startup venture in that they do not intend to grow at any cost and do not have the option of raising the many rounds of investment on the horizon required by the unicorn rating.

In the community of Castilla y León and the province of Caceres, it was Tatiana Pérez de Guzman El Bueno . Foundation Which includes, in the field of youth, a program focused on promoting entrepreneurship in the above-mentioned areas.

Daniel Garcia Moreno He is the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Program which is now welcoming a total of 50 projects to be directed. There are all types and ages, from a 17-year-old businessman to an 84-year-old who is the one who has Martha Peachone of the founders plain wool. They are responsible for utilizing the wool discarded from the sheep to artisanal refinement to produce high quality clothing.

It does not detract from the quality of the project

Originally, it was a project Nagami, Included in the Forbes list among the most creative. It is a company located in Avila and presents itself as “a brand that explores the future of design in a new technological age”. The project focuses on the design and construction of large plots for decoration, infrastructure, etc.

To date, Nagami has developed a variety of projects focusing on computational design, automation and sustainable building methods, especially large-scale 3D printing using recycled plastic. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Center Pompidou (Paris) and has been shown around the world in venues such as the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), the Canadian Design Museum (Toronto), the Design Museum (London), the Royal Academy of Art (London), and the Zaha Hadid Gallery For Design (London), the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it is also part of the decoration of the CaixaForum in Valencia.

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The company, which started in the home of one of the three founding partners – all architects – has changed warehouses three times in recent years until they occupy what they now have of 4,000 square meters where a 15-person team works. This is where they 3D print the large parts with robotic arms that were developed themselves, as well as the software that controls everything. The company’s turnover is already around 3 million, and now it’s time to go into the first round of investment with which they hope to get 6 million euros to expand into other markets.

Use Nagami’s example to verify that slow entrepreneurship does not detract from the quality of the project at all. According to García Moreno, what characterizes the slow projects they promote has more to do with the quality of the people than the quality of the projects. “If you work first, the bills will come out last,” says the program coordinator.

sense of belonging

Another trait that defines them is a sense of pride in belonging to the community, which is why many choose to develop their business ideas in the rural environments in which they were born. This is the situation AgroNexus, Startup Founded by Mario Garcia Jimenez and Pablo Jimenez Which is located in Monochas, has a population of 23 according to Wikipedia.

They are agricultural technology that wants to bring new technologies to small and medium farmers. To do this, they developed precision agricultural software based on data they obtained through Internet of Things sensors, drones, and satellite imagery in order to make informed decisions to improve the productivity of their crops. “Our main ambition is to be able to solve the problems of small farmers and generate wealth in the region – says Mario Garcia – after all, both founders are closely connected to this land, even though we are the only technology company in the municipality.”

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Influence before you get rich

understand too David Vidal Andres that your new project, manifestacionhoe.com Falls into this category slow. What this Valencia has just launched is a solution to publish all the protest marches and demonstrations that are being organized in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. The idea is to expand its reach and cover the entire national territory before making the leap to other markets.

“It is true that all the demonstrations that are organized must be announced in advance and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior, but it is not information to make public, so in the end everything depends on the media ability of the inviting party. When it comes to political parties or trade unions. Majority central, no problem, because everyone knows it, but the rest mostly go unnoticed because people don’t find out. With this solution I want to give a voice to all minorities who have something to say to defend any kind of inequality or to denounce Injustice Vidal Andres explains: “Those who oppose basic rights or incite hatred are excluded.”

His profile as an organizer of the Pride event in Valencia and an expert in marketing and SEO positioning helped him design various lines of income in a project that might, a priori, seem unprofitable. The first is to create a powerful tool that appears at the end of the web where the user is asked why they are interested in expressing themselves. The survey asks for the express consent of users to receive information about calls on topics of interest to them. This, in the end, becomes a useful fragmented database for regulators, a kind of covert business.

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Other ways to generate income are through model banners or receiving donations from cause supporters.

David Vidal says, “Of course, a pledge to a purpose means wanting to improve something before you make a fortune, but if you really want to make an impact, you also have to pursue a profitable and lasting company over time,” who is also not averse to using technology at the time to create a business slow.

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