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One of the effects of the pandemic has been the acceleration of digital business. However, many suffered and even shut down. The outlook for entrepreneurs looking to create a new business today is challenging, the World Economic Forum has published a Global Entrepreneurship Report that captures the attitudes and trends of entrepreneurs in different countries. The following five trends are an interesting reflection of what is happening in our society.

Attitude to starting a new business is positive. In 15 out of 47 countries that participated in the report, they showed that the attitude towards setting up a new business is positive and that after the outbreak of the epidemic, new opportunities opened and about half of the respondents confirmed that they think it is easy to create. New job.

There is a paradox in that although the majority of respondents think it is easy to start a new business, only a small percentage plan to start a new one.

The level of activities is still lower than it was before the pandemic in most countries. Guatemala, Canada, and the United States are the three countries that have seen the largest entrepreneurial activities so far in 2022.

In less developed countries, many businesses rely on digitization. This includes both: Goods and services. The digital economy represents a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunity in the development of new businesses. One in two startups says they expect to use some new technology in their operations in the next year.

Entrepreneurship programs in universities have not yet succeeded. According to the information in the Global Entrepreneurship Report, 39 out of 47 countries surveyed rank educational programs offered at universities last. Developing programs to instill a greater understanding of business and its positive impact on society will be critical for future generations.

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One of the main ideas that should take root in the minds of entrepreneurs is that initial failure can lead to success, it is a matter of learning from lessons and repetition to achieve success.

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