Enrique Bermúdez received congratulations on World Dog Day and this was his reaction

Enrique Bermudez received congratulations on World Dog Day (Image: Instagram / @enriquebermudez_)

This is July 21 world dog day Across different latitudes and among the multiple dynamics and campaigns that have gone out to combat animal abandonment and animal abuse, a section of football fans in Mexico has dedicated a special congratulations to the famous commentator. TelevisaAnd the Enrique Bermúdez.

The dog He was the center of attention for fans, analysts, colleagues, and even a professional team of MX . League, who used the day to pay homage to one of Mexican sports television’s most famous correspondent with his peculiar nickname.

This had a huge impact on social networks, especially on Twitter, where Bermudez showed his reaction to the constant congratulations using the hashtag. #dog day, followed by your username and accompanied by several photos with dog as the protagonist.

Fans congratulate Enrique Bermúdez on Dog Day (Image: Twitter / @ClubPueblaMX)
Fans congratulate Enrique Bermúdez on Dog Day (Image: Twitter / @ClubPueblaMX)

One of the responses that got the most reactions on Twitter was Puebla ClubThe team used to shine on social media for the content of these characteristics, which did not miss the opportunity to congratulate him one day, even though his messages pass through Azteca TV, the company’s direct competition where dog Bermudez.

The commentator was giving Likes s retweet to his various congratulations and made it clear that he is satisfied with the way the Mexican public is known, because this is one of the days when his fans remember him most.

“The most famous dog in Mexico, great Enrique Bermúdez, a man with 10 clicks,” wrote his colleague Yossi, who attached a picture of him eating dog and with Baku Villa to which the historian answered.

Fans congratulate Enrique Bermudez on Dog Day (Image: Twitter / @enriquebermudez)
Fans congratulate Enrique Bermudez on Dog Day (Image: Twitter / @enriquebermudez)

In addition to receiving appreciation from colleagues, fans and even from PueblaIt is also decorated asThe most chidongo dog ever“For Fox Academy, which is a course that brings together different speakers and which I decided to dedicate a special commentary to one of its teachers.

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This nickname is so loved by those who hold it, that for months he even started selling merchandise in his name as the protagonist, where of course the nickname of dog. She has different types of shirts and in the vast majority of them live up to her own title.

On his Instagram account, he constantly promotes this type of product and is responsible for spreading his name, because it is one of the most popular in the Mexican sports environment.

Fans congratulate Enrique Bermudez on Dog Day (Photo: www.perrobermudez.shop)
Fans congratulate Enrique Bermudez on Dog Day (Photo: www.perrobermudez.shop)

His nickname came years ago Enrique Bermúdez I was born since I inherited it from his father, Enrique Bermúdez Olvera, who served as president Mexican Association of Broadcasters At different times this has a certain story about the way you nickname dog.

With over 50 years of experience in the Mexican sports combo, dog Bermudez He has established himself as one of the references to the medium thanks to his own timbre, but the way he took charge of uniting and owning the title was thanks to his athletic skills.

Because of his fierce way of performing in football and soccer, where he is famous for his presence One of the most experienced players in the field of play, his title was adhered to and he classified himself as one of those who “They fit like a dog“.

This is how on July 21 this year he once again congratulated world dog dayIt is a title he holds with pride and he knew how to benefit from it in various aspects of his life and career.

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