Enrique Ascaso, international trip and curling

The young man from Serabel, Enrique Ascaso, studies international relations with economics in Scotland and practices curling, which has become one of his interests.. “Next year I will be studying 4th class, my last year, and I intend to try to combine studies and curling there in Scotland, And to be able to play here with Hilo del Perinho, from Jaca. Together with my teammates, we’re trying to prepare for tournaments, like the National League, and be able to take part in a college tournament next year, if the federation gives us the money and help with that, he says.

Ascaso explains that this is a sport that “is developing, there are a lot of good people here in Spain, and I’m sure they will try to get a place to be in the universities.”

Last year he had the opportunity to play in the Spanish Championship with Team Pal Daran, “It was a great experience. In a national championship, playing against teams that played in Europe, against players who got world medals and it was an experience that left my mark and I wanted to continue to progress in curling.” He says it’s a fun sport, “Although he may not look like that, he has a very impressive physical exertion.”

Last year he was studying in Canada, at Trent University, “and this sport is much more developed there than it is in Europe. I decided to try to pass the entrance exams for this sport at the university, and I passed, and I was very lucky. The number of players playing it is much higher there . We were about 10 players and they cut 6, I was among the four who caught them.” And this year, Enrique Ascaso was fortunate “to have coaches who helped me develop as a player, to correct my mistakes and the obsession I developed, to make tremendous progress and develop a level of knowledge of the game not even in my best dreams I could have dreamed of.” He comments that in this year’s season he played a college championship with Teams ‘at a very high level. We’ve got some very good results. We fought to the end for the knockout roundsbut since we were playing with very competitive teams, we weren’t lucky enough to beat them.”

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Now he is in Sabiñánigo on vacation, but is already thinking about the next course in Scotland, with study and curling.

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