Enough pressure! UNU will hold the 5th Argentine Congress on Stress Medicine (Daniel Lopez Rossetti, present)

“Many diseases of modernity have as their starting point attitudes of a psycho-emotional type and mobilize the system that a living organism must face all new situations that a person considers dangerous to his physical and emotional well-being. The reaction to stress drives several axes that form organic systems, such as the neuroendocrine axis , immunity, the psycho-immune axis; it is mobilized through the production of chemicals called neurohormones and changes our functions so that we can face those situations that challenge us in some way. It occurs in all stages of human life: from pregnancy, stress begins to receive (in the case of situations that It is passed on by the expectant mother) until adulthood.” InfoBusiness the doctor. Pablo Colica Chairman and organizer of the conference.

In it, many topics of this style will be discussed, in addition to psychosocial stress in a globalized society, disorders and diseases, work stress, well-being and healthy living, diagnosis and treatment, among others.

The meeting is aimed at health professionals and from other disciplines interested in the topic: psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, even what refers to ecology; It includes all disciplines that may be related to human health. There is a recording for the general public.

Important national and international speakers addressing stress and integrative therapies with a neuroendocrine, immunological, and psychosocial vision will attend. of between it Dr. Daniel Lopez Rosettia medical clinic specialist and university cardiologist; Dr. Andrea Marquez Lopez Mato, Founder and Director Institute for Integrated Biological Psychiatry; Dr. Daniel Father Cardinale, Senior researcher conical; Dr. Ignacio Brusco, neurologist, psychiatrist, researcher, and educator; Elizabeth Aranda Correa Member of the National Program for Health, Human Rights and Psychosocial Risks at Work; Daniel Osvaldo Prestritsky, Neurologist horace antonetti, Consultant specialist in allergy, clinical immunology and many more.

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Both sessions will be held from 8 am to 8 pm. Accreditation will take place within the first hour. The format of the event will be mixed (face-to-face and virtual) and live conference broadcasts will be recorded on the website for a period of 6 months, so that those who register will have access to the content.

“Pressure today is ubiquitous, and it is a term that is not only used in medicine and for this reason we talk about the science of stress, because it covers much more than what is purely medical, whether on a personal level or on a psychological and social level.” End colic.

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