“Enola Holmes 2” release date (2022), trailer, cast. Netflix movie starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill

Netflix scored some points with Enola Holmes, a movie that was initially slated to be seen on the big screen and that ended up selling Warner to the streaming platform due to the coronavirus pandemic. movie starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill It has become one of the most-watched Netflix videos yet, so it didn’t take long for it to turn green.

To do so, they chose not to play what worked so well in the first installment, so Brown and Cavill repeated on top of the cast, while Jack Thorne Take care of the script again and Harry Bradbeer from staging. Filming for “Enola Holmes 2” began a few months ago, so we shouldn’t take long to see it.


It is not known at the moment what new mystery Enola Holmes will have to solve. In fact, the only thing made in his argument is that there are still more tensions to explore in the protagonist’s family.

Actors and heroes of the movie “Enola Holmes 2”

It’s clear that Millie Bobby Brown is back to give life here to Enola Holmes, a character who has proven to be one of the greatest young stars in Hollywood. Previously she rose to fame and gave life to Eleven in Stranger Things, and also played a related role in MonsterVerse, being one of the human heroes in the films Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong.

The other big star of the show is Henry Cavill who gives life to his own version of Sherlock Holmes. The Witcher hero had a low profile in the first part and I suspect something similar will happen in the sequel. Not that Cavill needs an introduction, but we can’t help but mention his participation in DCEU as Superman or his most memorable villain in ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’.

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Helena Bonham Carter and David Thewlis, Louis Partridge, Susan Wakuma, Adele Akhtar, who were recently seen in “Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy,” Sharon Duncan Brewster, Hannah Dodd, Abby Hearn, Gabriel Tierney, Serana Sue Ling Place and Lawrence Elcker.

Director and screenwriter

Harry Bradbeer

The producers of “Enola Holmes 2” chose continuity for the director and screenwriter position, so Jack Thorne Harry Bradbeer also repeated in those situations.

Bradbeer was a director with a long career behind him, making with “Enola Holmes” his first feature film on the big screen. He had previously directed a handful of films such as “When the monster sleeps, “A for acid” NS “Brides In The Bath”, but he was mainly known for his work on several series.

Perhaps the most notable case is that of the famous “Fleabag”, in which Bradbeer took care of equipping all but the first of his episodes. In addition, he also participated in titles such as “Bill”, “The Hour”, “Killing Eve” and “Ramy”.

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For his part, Thorne is also known for his work in several TV series such as “Skins”, “The Virtues”, “The Eddy” and “Dark Matter”, and also served as the presenter on the last series. In addition to this, he has also collaborated on movie scripts like “Better another day” or “Wonder”.


Recordings for “Enola Holmes 2” began in September 2021 in the UKIt is not yet known how long it will last. The official thing is that Cavell finished his job at the end of October.

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Trailer, Pictures & Poster

Enola Holmes 2 shooting

Enola Holmes 2 scene

At the moment, there is no official photo for the movie, the only thing available is a few photos of the shoot like the one you have a little above.

date of publication

Netflix hasn’t said yet when we can see ‘Enola Holmes 2’, but everything indicates it will happen By the end of 2022. If we take the case of the former for reference, filming began in July 2019 and was released in September 2020. Fourteen months. This will lead to the sequel scheduled to debut in November 2021.

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