Enjoyment and well-being in the workplace, the distinctive strategy of HEINEKEN Spain

After the outbreak of the epidemic, prof The importance of physical and mental health It is gaining more and more ground among the interests of the population of our country. Fear, uncertainty and loneliness were the feelings Spaniards experienced most during confinement, so learning to manage these situations has become one of the most effective solutions to ensure our well-being.

To promote mental health and well-being, as well as to reduce the levels of anxiety and stress increasingly present in society, companies such as HEINEKEN Spain have developed Health programs focus on addressing physical, emotional, occupational, and social problems of your employees. for example healthy mindWhich includes a psychological care service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Confidential and anonymous help to face the challenges of everyday life, which they can use when necessary and which, moreover, can extend to their families.

The Healthy Mind Program also provides legal support services, Financial consulting and social workproviding his team with the tools to manage complex situations such as couple, divorce or conflicts when it comes to maintaining a balance between work and family life, among other things.

The brewery also works for the physical welfare of its employees through its project HEINEKEN healthyIt is an initiative aimed at preventing all kinds of diseases, both common and serious. From cardiovascular problems to early detection of cancer. Besides, the company also offers its own medical services which include Second opinions from specialists, home pharmacy, private prescriptions and insurance Through which employees can get the best specialist service in case of accidents.

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For more work-life balance and flexibility, work smart

The pandemic has also meant a before and after in companies in the United States face to face. Thanks to telecommuting, an activity that seems to have come to stay in many companies, many employees are working more from home, which means no disconnection.

With the aim of providing greater flexibility and ensuring reconciliation between personal and professional life, HEINEKEN Spain has implemented its own model in smart work. Which consists? It is a hybrid method that every employee can use Remote work 64 hours a month And distribute it as you prefer, from a few hours a day to whole days, but always within the specified working hours. This personalization, which adapts to the needs of each person, also positively affects their productivity. So much so that 9 out of 10 employees claim to be more productive after applying this work system.

In addition, it was launched differently dismissal measures For digitization to help your employees communicate better, but not always. Among them we find the Digital Wellbeing Program or the “Green Time” initiative, which marks the end of the working day by limiting the sending of mobile phone messages or emails.

All these services that focus on the well-being of the people have been very well received by the employees, which has led to the emergence of A better work environment and a greater sense of commitment and belonging to the company. A huge success for a company that considers having fun as an essential part of their business. Proving that, in addition to producing great beer, HEINEKEN Spain is a company that works by and for people.

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