Enjoy 40 minutes of gameplay from Project: The Perceiver, the game reminiscent of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro – Project: The Perceiver

Remember when we warned you over a month ago about a game similarities With Sekiro: Shadows die twice s Ghost of Tsushima Were they very tall? Well, on November 10 we were able to see how it was introduced to the world Project: Perceiverbut now the developers are pleased with us Extensive game Who collects the benefits of his fight.

It was a few days ago when it was a YouTube channel Focus on the games Published the gameplay of this game. In fact, you can see the Developers play and comment video game. They talk about different aspects of gameplay such as combat, bosses, and other sections. You must remember that this game Just advertise specifically for Playstation 4 s PS5but it is also intended to reach the PC where the video is played on that platform.

Previously We told you about it over a month agoBut it’s good to remember. What is Project: Perceived? “It’s about Action RPG Where we will embody a character who is able to perceive the world around him in a unique way. This allows you to use your own fighting skills Against the enemies who invaded their world “according to the description of the video. Of course, on the official website there are more exciting details that explain part of the novel.

Project: Perceiver surrounds us with a clash of cultures around a chaotic fantasy world. The selected period is Tianhu of Xuantang Dynasty Where “a strange entity was discovered in the field. Its color is disgusting and its shape is impossible to describe. People were afraid. Despite attempts to predict this omen, no conclusion was reached.” From the official page.

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What do you think of Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima?

We don’t mince words when evaluating these two titles. with work FromSoftware We define it asMasterpieceAnd the explanation is quite simple: “It’s another sign of the excellence of the study that Run away from his classic book mechanics hit and run“, pointing to sekiro analysis. Instead, with an address lollipop punch Notably, it is a gameGreatBecause it introduces us to “one of the open worlds.” more beautiful that we saw in a video game,” as we pointed out in Ghost of Tsushima review.

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