Employment Opportunities: Which companies are looking to hire more employees and where

Although there are expectations of hiring employees by private companies remain at low levels for the remainder of the year, 8% plan to integrate workers.

The data is from “Employment Outlook Survey” What ManpowerGroup Consulting Did, based on responses it collected from more than 700 employers.

According to the report, 81% of local employers do not expect changes to their salaries, While 4% are planning to cut it and 7% do not yet know if changes will be made at the end of the year.

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however, There are some sectors that are doing well, which expect their workforce to increase between October and December. “Despite the fact that 81% of employers surveyed do not plan to make changes in the last three months of the year, We imagine a slight improvement in hiring intentions“I assure you Luis Guastini, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Argentina.

In seven of the nine activities surveyed, employers plan to increase their salaries during the last quarter. This trend is led by the agriculture and fisheries sectorwhich plans to increase its discontinuation by 11%. construction follows (by 8%), Manufacturing, public administration, education, wholesale and retail trade, the three elements with an expectation of 6%. Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Report intent at 1%.

Compared to the same period surveyed in the previous year, recruitment intentions were strengthened in eight of the nine industrial sectors. Mining and extraction are leading this trend, with a positive difference of 25 percentage points, Followed by transportation and public servicesAn increase of 13 percentage points.

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Source: ManpowerGroup

If the analysis is conducted by region, in four out of six nationally surveyed, employers expect their salaries to increase during the last quarter. who tops the list, with an expected employment of 10%, Followed by Northwest Argentina (NOA), by 9%, And the Pampiana regionby 8%. Patagonia has the weakest employment outlook, along with Northeast Argentina (NEA).

Expect a positive outlook in the quarterly and annual comparisonan increase of three and seven percentage points, respectively, It may be linked to better health Thus, with the increased openings and flexibility we experience in the fieldwork time,” Guastini explained.

Source: ManpowerGroup

in America, Employers in nine of the ten countries surveyed are increasing job opportunities. The United States is leading this trend (+48%), followed by Canada (+40%) and Mexico (+39%). Argentina is among the countries in the region that have the lowest expectations (+ 4%), less than (+ 5%).

Globally, employers plan to raise their salaries in 41 of 43 countries. The strongest hiring intention is once again evident in the United States (+48%). The second is India (+44%), While Canada and the Netherlands are ranked third and fourth (+40%). Complete Top 5 Mexico (+39%).

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