Employee benefits are key to businesses

Mercer Marsh BenefitsIssued the poll, a leading health and benefits advisory firm Health on Demand 2023 It reveals the benefits companies should give to their employees to increase productivity.

The survey was applied in 17 countries, including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the United States. The United States participated 17.531 employees.

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In general, the results indicate that:”It is important to cover the widest possible range of employee needs. Offering meaningful and equitable benefits has shifted from being a competitive requirement to a major opportunity to differentiate the employee value proposition.“.

The company highlights that generation Z, that is, people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, They represent 25% of the world’s population and 27% of the workforce. This growing segment has shown that offering benefits to employees brings benefits to companies.

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With regard to the business sector, This generation expects companies to deliver Services to support mental health issues, socialization and learning, as well as therapies, virtual counseling through artificial intelligence (AI) and preventative exams“.

On the other hand, the survey showed that After covid-19 became necessary:Flexible working, digital health and family benefits“.

The company suggests, based on the findings, that companies should consider having a large segment of workers responsible for someone, and in that sense, that would be significant.To retain this group, create a more flexible organizational culture“.

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These people are referred to in the survey as “the risers”They make up a large percentage of the workforce. For example, 33% of Colombian respondents claimed to be carers.

Now, all respondents agree that “The employer must take into account issues of family health, reproductive and mental health, maternal health and chronic disease conditions.”.

In this regard, the company recommends the following: “Human resources and risk departments should work to plan crisis scenarios for their employees to obtain administrative alternatives, but also to take care of and assist the worker.“.

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Specifically, one way to help is to promote a good state of health, which allows the employee to give better results, according to the survey. To achieve this, employers must: “Promote healthy behaviors, increase access to better health services, telemedicine tools, as well as daily care in the workplace.”

In Colombia specifically, the report revealed that: “43% of Colombians surveyed say they feel stressed every day. And 79% say it is beneficial to receive benefits that help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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