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Dana White’s competition series is one situation that Emiliano Linares is handling with caution. The 145-pound mixed martial arts champion in the Budo Sento Championship League has nothing on his mind other than defending his title against Derian. hook heel Calzada, at the Budo Sento Vol.8 main event, Friday, May 20 in Mexico City. Linares (7-1 in pro MMA) knows his name is on the list of potential contenders signed for Season 6 of the Contender Series in Las Vegas, but he doesn’t want any distraction. His focus in the duel was caught against hook heel (4-0) And the challenge it poses to the exponent Jiu Jitsu “Expert in breaking ankles, legs and knees.” The person asks Guayaquil not to classify you as an athlete with his base in combat, as he asserts that he is a martial artist who loves “to explore all the universality that MMA has, both in StupendousThe muay thai; in it timingFighting Jiu JitsuThe wrestleBodo Cento King spoke on Wednesday with EL UNIVERSO, via Zoom, of the Bonebreakers Academy, in the Mexican capital.

Why do you consider it a challenge to measure yourself against Derian Calzada?

like you Nickname (Heel Hook) An expert in breaking ankles, calves and knees, his strength is the keys to the legs. when Jiu Jitsu Very well polished, well polished from Mario Delgado Academy. He has great my knowledge MMA, marked 4-0. On May 20 we will know if he continues his undefeated record or if it will last until then. He’s a great competitor, he’s a great challenge for us.

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With that being said, you put some effort specifically into a match against a serious jiu-jitsu fighter.

My main manager was the teacher dodger Montaño, who takes care of my game in general, all my strategy, my fighting form, all my talent gains in the general stage. I also have my teacher Berry Montaño, who helps me a lot in getting out of danger issues (cage, floor). Mr. Raul Salas Sync take care of wrestle (Throttles, levers, completions). But just recently, I got help from Master Jafet Orion Macías on the issue of leg breakouts, as we have this contender that specializes in that.

UFC event in Ecuador ‘a potential dream’

Is there an advantage or disadvantage between them?

We are MMA fighters. Aside from being an MMA fighter, he has the advantage that he is always active in events wrestle. His MMA division is 145 pounds, and I’ve always seen him participate in that division, so I don’t think it would be a problem for him to reach his usual MMA weight. He’s had four wins and zero losses, and that’s for a reason. I know Derian has been looking for an MMA fight at Bodo for a while. belt him wrestle They put him as the first competitor for 145 pounds to unify the belt wrestle With the MMA belt, part of the Budo Sento Championship theme. There is no advantage or disadvantage to the two, it is still a very exciting battle.

Are you looking forward to the wonderful 2022 year of Ecuadorean MMA abroad?

It is a commendable situation to the entire world that Ecuador is now going strong with the UFC champion of Ecuadorean descent (Carla Esparza, born in the US, but of a Manabe mother), along with Marlon Chito vera inside Top 5 (Bantami weight), especially taking advantage of his main event in the UFC. With Michael Morales arriving very well at the UFC tag (UFC 270 in Anaheim, last January) and Andres Luna Martinetti already ready for the Contender Series. Thus, countless Ecuadoreans of the world participate. Everyone is aware of everything that happens around mixed martial arts.

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How did you agree to information being developed in the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom regarding the roster of fighters in the Contender series? Are you waiting to confirm your name in Las Vegas?

As you distinguished me, now what I have before me is the Budo Sento Volume 8 event. And all my energies and my attention are on this commitment. And yes, after these big challenges we’re going to have, it could be the Contender Series, or the PFL (Professional Fighters League) … We’ve already received very important proposals, but these are the issues my teacher care managers are taking dodger Montaño and businessman Giulio Molina. These are things that are now in the background and what we have prioritized is the event on May 20th at Bodo Cento. (Dr)

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