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Unai Emery is already history Villarreal. Castellón announced, on Monday, that the Basque Country coach finished his phase in yellow after two and a half seasons, to return to Premier League Heading to Aston Villa. “Unai Emery has informed Villarreal of the unilateral decision to terminate his relationship with the entity. Villarreal wants to thank him for his work and wishes him success in his sporting career”, read the club’s statement indicating that the coach will bid farewell to the fans by an act in Villarreal Sports City, this Tuesday at 12:00.

In addition to making it clear that Emery’s departure is due to the coach’s express wish, Villarreal highlights the historical significance of the coach’s time at Castellon. Unai Emery went down in Villarreal’s history to become the first coach to win a title with the club. In 2021, Villarreal won the European League After beating Manchester United on penalties, exciting. All the shooters were right and it was the goalkeeper’s turn. Rulli hit his shot into the top corner, and after 21 shots, De Gea sent the ball wide and the town of just over 50,000 people became the European Football League Silver Division champion.

This feat, in his first season at Villa Real, allowed the team to reach the Champions League last year. And once again, Emery’s team made history against the greatest. Juventus left rock bottom in the round of 16 with Exhibition at the second stop in Turin (0-3).And he broke all odds by taking out Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals. Liverpool put an end to the yellow dream in the semi-finalsHowever, Emery’s team kept their chances throughout the match. It was the second time in Villarreal’s history that the club reached the front of the Champions League final, after losing to Arsenal in 2006.

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Last year, the prime minister’s neo-rich, Newcastle, loudly knocked on Emery’s door. At that moment, Fernando Roig, president of Villarreal, spoke with the coach to persuade him to stay to fulfill his contract. That invitation was necessary for The coach rejected the millions of Saudi government-owned club And stick to your commitment. On this occasion, there was no such talk between the technician and the chief, convinced that the project showed signs of wear.

Not qualifying for the Champions League or Europa League last season was a huge blow to Villarreal. For a large portion of the sport’s directors in the first division, the yellow team has the fourth team with the most potential in the tournament. However, Emery’s Villarreal was unable to transfer his good performance in Europe to the league competition. This year, which the team questioned in the Conference League, they couldn’t start either and left Villarreal in seventh place, four points off the champions’ places.

One of the points that bothered the directors the most was the alignment Emery chose. Sources close to the club report annoyance over the coach’s confidence in players with very little experience in the elite like Jackson, an unexpected attacking centerpiece at the expense of Jose Luis Morales. Last week’s defeat at the Camp Nou, with a very young team from midfield forward, has cast doubt on the advisability of their continuing.

Aston Villa’s proposal came at the most fragile moment for Emery and he did not hesitate to accept the adventure of the demanding prime minister once again. Prior to his arrival at Villarreal, the Basques were in charge of Arsenal for a year and a half, leading the team. gunner to the 2019 Europa League final. He will now coach Aston Villa, who are 15th in the standings, three points behind relegation. Birmingham FC, one of the teams with the largest social mass in the English Premier League, has confirmed that the coach signs until 2024 and will take charge of the team from 1 November, once the work permit procedures are completed in the UK.

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