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CAs the study conducted by Fundacin Espaa Activa and PWC a few months ago indicated, Everything is changing in the ecosystem of the sports sector in our country. Among the symptoms that support and warn of this reality is how old actors merge or disappear, driven by the specter of expulsion for not adapting to a new reality in which the speed of innovation, especially with regard to digitization, does not leave any margin for doubts or hesitation. At the same time, new actors emerge with new knowledge and talents that we did not think of before, and this is indeed today, but tomorrow is inevitable, it will be essential for the growth of sport and adaptation to the new needs of society.

Over the course of two years, we have read and heard a lot about digitizing certain fields, sectors or sporting practices. In particular and in a more intense way, in the past months, linked to the flow of information on The project announced by the government to be applied to the “next generation” funds. However, in my case at least, I have not found any project that transcends the changes that so-called “digital transformation” is causing or occurring in sport in general.

Building a global framework that reflects the broad and complex idea of ​​”digitization in sport” could allow us, at such a delicate moment for Spain, to design and implement real policies aimed at modernizing activities, in relation to new sectors, agents or institutions, and Building new social and legal norms that favor the comprehensive and balanced adaptation of sport to the digital paradigm In constant transformation. Ultimately, this type of approach will allow the generation of strategies and decision-making to maximize the benefits provided by digitization, reduce potential problems, and identify new opportunities.

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One of the dangers that awaits us is hiding in the very good, which is the phrase “He who does not want to work in this direction!” Well honestly: a lot of people. Getting out of the comfort zone has never been easy And this new challenge puts us outside of it for a long time. It was previously said by Aristotle: “Great knowledge breeds great doubts.”

Digitization cannot be simplified by hiring a consultant report and purchasing the latest tools to cover the file. Secured, We are facing a paradigm shift with profound implications And it changes our entire society, its structures and the way it works. And sport, today more than ever, cannot ignore this reality, and of course it cannot miss this train.

The sports sector must understand that Digital transformation is an evolutionary process that will not disappear anymore. So let’s forget considerations like it’s a spontaneous impulse that arises suddenly connecting me, I don’t know what fashion is, without context or references. On the contrary: it is another consequence of an unquestionable and unstoppable framework of innovation and technological development, with a very specific rhythm, which is sometimes slow to achieve goals, although when transmitted through the media it may seem unbridled.

We must add to this reality other conditions that undoubtedly also affect the speed of its development: resistance to changing people and, consequently, changing organizations; Laws and regulations; And / or legal and illegal interests, among other factors, influence technology development. Sport, in turn, is in the process of being redefined as a more casual concept And it has to find a consensus in defining it according to the society in which we live.

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We must embrace the science, but be very clear that when it comes to sports, it is not a unified science, but rather an interdisciplinary framework with different tracks such as health, psychology, economics, management, marketing..and many new fields that keep emerging. Sport is much more than just an economic sector or a specific business opportunity: it has become a lever for transformation, and it is critically necessary for a sustainable society model for both the present and the future. This is the new position of sport, we must deal with it with such firmness, prudence and responsibility. They are somewhat unworthy of great political statements but they do not involve tangible commitments. Likewise, the mild criticisms that different actors share about certain behaviors do not work, when they themselves do not implement them.

We are facing a new competition and I am fully convinced that on this occasion, We do not have the option to return. Either we are aware of the strategy, the needs of the game and how important the responsibility of each team member is, or they send us home.

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