Elon Musk will present a $ 100 million prize for the best carbon capture technology

Elon Musk will donate a portion of his fortune to whomever offers him an environmental solution Credit: DPA

businessman Elon Musk Launched through social networks a Contest through which He will award 100 million dollars to the winner. In this way, the pole hopes to make a new one Contribution to the environment.

Last Thursday, Leader From SpaceX Based on Tesla He wrote on his Twitter account: “I donate $ 100 million for a prize To obtain the best carbon capture technology. “ However, he did not provide other descriptions of the proposal and announced that it would publish the details in the coming days.

Although information is lacking, some of them can be done Discounts Thanks to the answers he gave The richest man in the world. Asked by a user if the Sabbatir reactor was considered a carbon capture technology, Musk replied, “It’s a good path. Fully renewable missile energy, So it solves part of the problem, but it requires the longest-chain methane hydrocarbons to become solid at room temperature. “

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In this way, the competition is expected to be customized for you SpaceX company.

Additionally, Musk told the netizen who answered sarcastically that the tree was the technology needed to capture carbon: “They are part of the solution, but they need a lot of fresh water and soil.”

He then continued: “We may need something large-scale industrial 10-20 years from now. Right now, the top priority is to accelerate the transition to Sustainable energy economy. “

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