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Because of the pandemic, video calls have become the main tool for study and work. Everyone does it, even millionaires love Elon Musk, which for obvious reasons could not stop their activities. And while it is an easy method, these apps have got more than one in trouble, especially those who work from home.

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In recent months we’ve seen dozens of intriguing videos on the Internet of video-conferencing, and the nationalized Canadian and South African have not gone unnoticed. Elon Musk The news broke in mid-November of a strange moment he experienced during a business meeting, a fact that went around the world because it was his son who was the protagonist. X AE A-Xii. What happened?

TIME X AE A-XI interrupted a video call from her father

His son, the electric car maker and the second richest man in the world, second only to Jeff Bezos, interrupted while conducting a business meeting through Zoom. At first this moment was surprising, but then it was considered a funny situation, even if it was himself. Elon Musk.

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X AE A-Xii brilliantly interrupted his father’s reunion on Zoom (Image: SpaceXly/YouTube)

According to the video that went viral on the internet, X AE A-Xii, the billionaire’s son with Canadian singer Grimes, appeared on a business call from his father.

The 50-year-old looked professional with dark hair pulled back and in a white button-down shirt and dark gray jacket, as he shared an update on the Starship’s reusable spacecraft, on a conference call with the National Academy of Sciences. Engineering and medicine.

X AE A-Xii couldn’t resist participating in the action as she sat on her father’s lap. The boy started saying “hello” While waving his arms, making his father laugh while starting a virtual work show from his office.

wonderful X AE A-Xii was chattering while his father seemed to be writing on the screen, shortly before someone entered the room and took the beautiful baby. Watch the strange moment .

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What does “X Æ A-12” mean?

singer and partner And SpaceX, Grimes, was responsible for explaining the meaning. According to her it is as follows:

  • “X” corresponds to the mathematical variable that expresses an unknown.
  • “Æ” is the “elves” variation of the initials “AI,” which means love and/or artificial intelligence.
  • “A-12” is the name of the model that preceded the SR-71, “Our favorite aircraft (…). No weapons, no defense systems, just fast. Great in battle, but not fierce,” the singer said.
  • The letter “A” stands for “Archangel,” which is the name of Grimes’ favorite song.
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