Elon Musk and Netflix to broadcast the SpaceX space mission respectively

September 15 is the scheduled launch date for Inspiration4, the first mission to send a civilian-only ship into space. Space travel on a rocket SpaceX, Airline Elon MuskIt will be broadcast on Netflix Almost in real time.

This Thursday, the streaming platform announced the release of the documentary series “Countdown: Inspiration4’s Mission to Space.” Over the course of five seasons, it will provide “unprecedented access to the first spaceflight with a crew of non-professional passengers.”

The first two episodes will air on Friday, September 6th and will focus on introducing team members. On September 13, it will be possible to see the next two chapters, which will deal with the long months of training and final preparations before the flight. The launch, on September 15, will be broadcast live from Youtube channel netflix.

What you need to know about the Inspiration4 series

The series is directed by Jason Heherer, director of the Emmy-winning “The Last Dance” documentary about the Chicago Bulls by Michael Jordan. The broadcast giant said in a statement that the final episode of the Elon Musk series will premiere in late September “a few days after” the mission ends.

This final chapter will follow in “almost real time” the journey from the spacecraft’s launch to its return to Earth. The platform promises “unprecedented access” to the mission, as it will display images from inside the spacecraft during the three-day flight.

When will the SpaceX rocket be launched?

Elon Musk and Netflix will broadcast the SpaceX space mission in a series.

On September 15, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule will be launched by a Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States. American billionaire Jared Isaacman, 38, funded the project.

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In addition to owning a financial company, the billionaire is also an avid pilot and space explorer, so he will climb aboard the rocket and show the other places to three of his buddies. The four non-professional members on board will take off from Elon MuskThey will spend three days orbiting the Earth behind the altitude of the International Space Station and will return.

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