Elizabeth II: The British Queen celebrates her 96th birthday in a special way

To celebrate the 96th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the social networks of the British royal family shared the official photo where the British monarch stood next to two white ponies, which are called Bebek Katie s Bebek nightingale.

The Queen was photographed on the grounds of Windsor Castle wearing a colorful coatEdinburgh green”, a representative tune to her late husband, Prince Philip. This color has been used by the Queen’s husband in various uniforms, cars, etc.

On the eve of her 96th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom shared an official photo of her posing next to two white ponies. Agence France-Presse / Henri Dellal

Elizabeth II is the longest serving queen in British royal history 15 years ago when he outranked his great-grandmother Queen Victoria (who died at the age of 81). In addition – with 70 years on the throne – it is the longest reign in history.

Why does the Queen celebrate her birthday twice a year?

Although Elizabeth II was born on April 21, she usually celebrates her “second birthday” in June, on a holiday called “color crowd” It brings together more than 1,400 soldiers, musicians and guests.

This custom originated in 1748 because the then King, George II, had celebrated his birthday in November, but preferred to celebrate it just before the beginning of summer due to weather conditions. Since then, the birthday of the British monarch is celebrated in turn during the month of June.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom celebrates her birthday twice a year. Agence France-Presse / Chris Jackson



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