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The Christmas Getting closer and closer and while you may not be able to celebrate with all british royal familyIt is very likely that she will be the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom You have a gift ready for your many family members. According to experts from kingsIt is well known that when it comes to buying gifts, the Queen tends to do it herself rather than relying on her staff.

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There was a time before the pandemic when Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom insisted she do her own Christmas shopping, so it’s only natural that Harrods luxury shopping center in the heart of London, Opens its doors after hours to the public until His Majesty makes his purchases at his will and without being interrupted by anyone. About 90,000 square meters are completely at your disposal.

revealing the secret

in his book Lady Anne Glenconner explained that the King is known for this She enjoys shopping by herself. He revealed that during a 1975 royal tour of Sydney with Princess Margaret, whom he had served as maid of honor, Australian diplomat Sir Roden Cutler V.C. was surprised to ask Queen Elizabeth II to go shopping.

‘I didn’t think the British royal family went shopping’said the Australian diplomat at the time. “I represent the Queen and I’ve never heard of her going shopping.”added. Correcting it, Lady Glenconer replied: “Actually, Your Majesty goes shopping. I recently went to Harrods to pick out some Christmas gifts. My mother is a bridesmaid and she was with her.”

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It is known that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom used to visit Harrods to buy Christmas gifts. (Photo: AFP)

Where does the Queen go shopping?

Speaking of Harrods, that means 90,000 square meters of luxury and glamor in the heart of London. Transformed into a tourist attraction, the five floors of the Brompton Road Shopping Centre, They give absolutely everything, among the statues, fountains and rooms decorated with various motifs, although there are two particularly unique spaces: the Egyptian room and the room commemorating Diana Wells.

Its origins go back to 1834, when Charles Henry Harrod opened a small food store. Considered Europe’s largest store, with 33 sections, was the world’s first escalator in 1898, which upset customers, who were loyal to brandy.

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