Elizabeth Banks to star in an American abortion movie

Actresses Elizabeth Banks s Sigourney Weaver star “Call Jane”A drama based on true events that highlights the right to abortion in United State Which will open on October 28.

The film, whose trailer was released earlier this week, tells the story of a group of women who create a support system for others who decide to terminate their pregnancies in Chicago (USA) At the end of the 1960s, when laws were still criminalizing these practices.

Banks plays a woman whose pregnancy threatens her health and who ends up joining a women’s collective as Weaver acts as its leader.

On the other hand, Call Jane also highlights the lack of health resources dedicated to protecting reproductive rights and the additional difficulties African American women have had in accessing them.

A controversial position that caused an uproar at the time, but served to inspire other groups of women and paved the way for the right to abortion in the country.

In fact, five years later, in 1973, Supreme Court of the United States agree to the sentence “Roe vs. Wade”Which constitutionally protects voluntary interruptions of pregnancy until last June 24, the Supreme Court decided to invalidate it.

The reason why the right to abortion is once again such a controversial issue is currently in the US media and why the producers of “Call Jane” decided these dates were the most appropriate for promotion and premiere.

His goal is to keep audiences around the movie longer and get it into the next awards season at its best.

This Roadside Attraction film has been selected by the Sundance Film Festival, the world’s largest independent film competition, and by Berlin International Film Festival in its 2022 edition.

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In addition to Banks and Weaver, the cast of “Call Jane” includes actors such as Chris MessinaAnd the Wonmi mosakuAnd the Kate MaraAnd the Corey Michael SmithAnd the Grace Edwards also John Magagro.

The movie is directed by Phyllis NagelOscar-nominated director for Carol (2015)and co-wrote the script of the film Hayley Shore s Roshan Sethi (The creators of the series “the resident”). EFE (YO)

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