Elisa de Martorano: passionate about medicine and education

Almost everyone knows her as Elizabeth MartoranoBut his real name Leon Lounge by Martorano. The same thing happened with his father – with whom he shared the profession – who was known in Olavaria as lesson doctor When he was already nicknamed León y Trilla.

Verbility and booster Dr. Leon from Martorano He has practiced medicine for over 50 years. How Obstetrics and gynecology specialist He brought hundreds of thousands of people from Olafari to the world. Her patients remember her fondly and highlight the close relationship she had with them. She has always been more than just a doctor.

“happy childhood”

Elisa was born on May 8, 1940 In his house located in General Paz between Moreno and Lamadrid. There he also practiced his profession later, at the same place where his father worked. daughter Jaime Leon and the lesson s Euralia LoungeFrom a young age she fell in love with the countryside.

I was passionate about this field. I spent the whole summer there. Classes end and they send me there and the day before classes start, my mom irons my clothes here. I loved the countryside info me about those early years.

He did primary school in his darling School No. 8. “They always took me outside because I talked too much. I have someone to go out with: my father talked a lot and my mother was “silent”. Then he attended high school in National School And there he met his great love, Eberto Cesar Martoranowith whom he is married and has three children: two sons and a girl.

“I was passionate about this field. I spent the whole summer. Classes ended and they sent me there and the day before I started my work, I was ironed here. I loved the country.”

They met at school and did not part. They lived together in Buenos Aires and got back when she finished her medical degree. Dedicated to selling medical supplies, passed away 2010. “It was such a hard blow that I didn’t realize”. Her face lights up when she calls him. “It is unique and unrepeatable.”

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Medicine: almost causal

Elisa Lyon Lounge He was not originally a doctor. His first choice was another: engineering. “It was not easy for a woman to study at that time. We went to a boarding school for some Spanish laity, and there were many Olavarria. And there were people from other places, it was very cool, we communicated very well, ”he recalls those first moments in the big city.

“But one day I came to my house to visit him and told my father that I did not like it, that he did not fill me. I wanted to go to the field. He told me to choose another profession. I answered him that I would study medicine, if I did well in the first subject, I would continue, otherwise I would come back And I live in the country. There he gave me two options: study or study.”

“But one day I came to my house to visit and I told my dad I don’t like it, and he didn’t fill me up. I wanted to go to the field. He told me to choose another profession. I replied that I would study medicine, if I did well in the first subject, I would continue, otherwise I would go back and live in the country.. And there he gave me two options: study or study ”, he tells about how he solved his small professional crisis.

Looking back, he has always flirted with medicine. “I always helped my dad in the office. I helped him with the paperwork. He was on his way for visits and I accompanied him and I stayed in the car,” he tells of his childhood. “I think I started medicine because it was the only profession I saw at home”he adds.

Finally, she passed her first subject with number 9 and fate wanted her to become a doctor. He finished his studies in December 1965 And a year later he received the long-awaited diploma, which is a source of pride for all his family members.

“I was on duty at Duran Hospital and a doctor told me I should be an anesthesiologist. I said no, that I want to have childrenAnd this is how he decided on obstetrics and gynecology. As did his father.

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Back in Olavarría, His office was in his home, so he could take care of his children while he was there. “Already when the boys were older, I put the office in my father’s office. And I stayed. I finished my career in the office of the home I was born in,” closing his career cycle.

Before medicine, field. I loved the countryside because my grandmother taught me to love it,” she says and her eyes light up again. But the profession also gave him “the joy of working here.” “Medicine gave me a workplace. The profession gave me happiness, allowed me to live and allowed me to meet good people“, Concludes.

It has also given him recognition of all kinds. In 2009 it was marked as “Innovative Woman” by Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires. last year They named the Lalcec Gynecology office after him. “Yvonne Oliveto, now the manager, came over and told me she had to go to a meeting. It was in the middle of a pandemic, I wasn’t going anywhere. She told me: ‘Make yourself pretty, don’t just go like that’” she tells of the surprise she had when she met her kids There is a well-deserved tribute to them.

Diverse life

“My life was diverse, I did not just work in medicine”He sums up his eighty years of age. In addition to being a doctor, she has been working as a teacher. While studying, he was a chair assistant at UBA. Later, at Olavarría, he continued the great work of teaching.

“My life was diverse, and I didn’t just work in medicine.”

I taught because I was passionate. I was studying with Dr. Cohendos. I did camps with Professor Lagres. We went by train in medicine and got to know the country. I met many places. how beautiful he is! He remembers with a smile on his face.

sure, Taught in national and commercial schools and Rosario. In addition, he worked as a teacher in La Plata School of Nursing. while, in Agriculture School She shared the position of doctor and with the professor of hygiene and industrial security.

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The woman behind the doctor

In addition to being a famous doctor in our city, Elisa was a daughter and wife, a proud mother and grandmother, and a friend and sister.. “I have two friends from life. One I met when I was 6 and she was 8. She lives in La Plata. The second is from Buenos Aires. I met her in my first medical class. They are my sisters for life. And I want to go see them.” The epidemic prevented him from approaching them for about three years, but the bond is maintained through his cell phone.

A brilliant storyteller, she has countless stories to save. daughter of a spanish immigrant, In 2008 he went to the Old Continent to meet his cousins. “One day they told me they were looking from Spain for the daughters of Dr. Trela. Since my dad was the director of the hospital, they found a way to communicate. I didn’t know how to use a computer but I had one at home. There I communicated with my cousins,” she says. info me.

“I went to college where my father studied and thought ‘my old man must have had coffee here’.”

It was so beautiful that I never stopped telling how amazing what happened to me was. We were about 20 years old, from different places, and we met in Madrid”, he tells of the meeting between his cousins. On the same trip he was able to meet Valladolid Which his father told him so much. “I went to college where my father studied and thought ‘my old man must have had coffee here’.”

As if all this trip wasn’t enough, his mother was born in the house where he is Music institute. She lived there for a few months before she bought her house. When he was named Ernesto Mugaviru I was very happy. I told the boys that my mother was born in that house. Once a week Professor Mogavero came from Buenos Aires to teach the girls of the gymnasium. This house is forever full of music“.

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