Elections in Brazil: What the latest polls predict three days before the polls between Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro

BRASILIA: Last two polls on Sunday in Brazil They continue to favor former President Lula da Silva over current President Jair Bolsonaro.

According to the survey datafolha Known on Thursday afternoon, Lola will prevail with 49% of the vote is over 44% for Bolsonaro, with 5% blank votes and 2% undecided. This poll doesn’t have a lot of differences compared to the previous poll published on October 19, where it was between 49% and 45% in favor of Lula. The The percentage of those who did not decide was 1% and those who say they would vote null or white was 4%.

Meanwhile, clear AtlasIntel Published today also showed it Lula rose to 52.4% of voting intent, compared to Bolsonaro’s 46%Which had a small setback. In the previous poll published on Monday, Lula had 52.0% against Bolsonaro’s 46.2%. The poll’s error rate was one percentage point.

Bolsonaro, during an interview with the press at Alvorada PalaceEvaristo SA – Agence France-Presse

The strongest battle between the two candidates was in the southeast from the country, where both focused their business and visits.

While the president leads Datafolha’s poll in Sao Paulo and Rio with 49% and 51% approval, respectively, compared to 43% and 41% for former President Lula. Minas Gerais leads 48% against 43% for Bolsonaro.

Minas Gerais, is the southern state often called Whoever wins in that district is elected president. There Bolsonaro was attacked in the 2018 campaign. Minas is a kind of little Brazil, very close to the states of Rio, Sao Paulo, as well as Bahia. Tend to be a conservative voter, she supported Bolsonaro in 2018. Today, the state is a reflection of the high level of anti-Bolsonaroism that exists in the country.

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According to political advisor Leonardo Barreto, Director of Vector, “The states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas are the swing states of Brazil, i.e. states that differ in their support and can overturn the elections.”

Lola da Silva
Lola da SilvaNelson Almeida – AFP

While 50% of Brazilians say they will not vote for Bolsonaro at all, 45% will not vote for Lula.

Two other surveys released this week also gave Lula the lead.

in relieving IPEC, commissioned by Tv Globo, Lula holds 50% of voting intentions, versus 43% of Lula’s chairman.

On the other hand, another survey The Atlas Institute gives Lula 53% of the valid vote and 47% to President Bolsonaro.

In the first election round on October 2, Lula received 57.2 million votes (48.4%) and Bolsonaro received 51.07 million (43.2%).

Agence France-Presse and Agence France-Presse


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