Elden Ring’s anti-cheat system isn’t polished, and this hacker proves it by raiding other players

The user, who has already mentioned this in other Souls, states that From Software has only corrected the problem.

elden ring It’s been on everyone’s lips since before the premiere, although one of those reasons hasn’t been entirely positive. A few weeks before launch, it came to light Serious problem in the internet system From the souls that forced Disable it in Dark Souls gamesalthough From Software has focused all its efforts on Fix Mode for Elden Ring. It’s been several days since these events happened, but it seems so Vacuoles have already been found in the Midlands region.

The hacker considers his actions a “necessary evil” to receive a tip from softwareAs expected Eurogamerhacker Malcolm Reynolds He devoted himself to proving it through an unusual modus operandi: invading players and causing soft bans. His line of work focuses on killing other users using highly advanced powers (something that is legal in the game) and that in turn hacked by an item which is automatically awarded to the defeated player.

This object is called “Pavel”, and although it is in the game code, Not part of the official experience in the central lands. For this reason, From Software recognizes it as cheating and bans the user without serious consequences, although Reynolds asserts that he does all this to prove that From Software Didn’t fix Elden Ring problem.

The hacker explains how to beat Easy Anti-Cheat is something else Kotaku. “Basically, there Mask on top of anti-fraud. When this mask is activated, the game [solo] It cares about “who’s who” and “what the player does”, but when you remove that mask, The game no longer caresAfter that, Reynolds considers his actions.A necessary evilTo alert the program of the danger involved.

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So we must be cerfull Once they invade us from another device, we’re not just pointing out to be careful enough to win the contest. Anyway, players are already finding ways to enjoy Elden Ring. Without the need to connect to the Internetas we saw with Some great races wave First run without injury.

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