El Salvador will play VAR against Canada and Costa Rica

The matches will be played at El Salvador’s home ground against Canada and Costa Rica in the octagon by video arbitration (VAR), according to Hugo Carrillo, president of FESFUT, in an interview with Selecta TV.

The federation said the implementation of the VAR at the Cuscatlan stadium will be with the support of FIFA and CONCACAF.

“Since June or July, CONCACAF, like FIFA, has been attending studies and has already carried out inspections in competitions, and has come to the conclusion that on these last two dates of the disputed appraiser to be able to use this tool known as VAR, that is for us as countries in Central America we have to get used to using this tool,” he said in an interview with La Selecta TV.

El Salvador hosts Canada on February 2 at the conclusion of the FIFA Triple Rendezvous in January.

“CONCACAF with FIFA conducted the study, hired a company to do studies on participating countries that still do not use this tool, and Cuscatlán is included, which is the home of our team and Cuscatlán meets the requirements,” explained the captain.

According to the president of FESFUT, the match against Costa Rica on March 27 will also be with video refereeing.

“We will start these days, the company that is set to implement the use of VAR will be in contact with TV stations that have sponsorship from each of the countries participating in the octagon. In our case next week we will start with virtual meetings so that Channel 4 can already have the corresponding information as well as the owners of the stadium to be We are able to develop VAR technology for the next match that we will have in the match against Canada.”

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Carrillo announced that the applicability of the VAR in Division One is also being analyzed, although he did not specify a time.

“It is new, and as the FA, at the beginning of last year, we contacted a company so that we could have this tool in our league, but what happens is that using VAR means that the conditions of the scenarios I have to ask them to meet the requirements and the cost of use is high, it will cost to install Here in the league is between 5 to 6 million dollars, and they conducted a study and presented it and every team when they play at home will have to pay monthly for the use of this tool, and we hope that in the future our country and the first division will be able to rely on this tool,” added the Federation.

Match date
January 27, 2022 United States – El Salvador
January 30, 2022 Honduras – El Salvador
February 2, 2022 between El Salvador and Canada

March 24, 2022 Jamaica vs El Salvador
March 27, 2022 El Salvador vs Costa Rica
March 30, 2022 Mexico vs El Salvador

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