El Bosque de Cobre will host the first regional meeting of Geochaching

The Malaga Provincial Council celebrate in copper forest The first regional meeting of Geocachinga Treasure hunt gameHidden in a landscape that has more than three million followers around the world.

This was announced by the 4th Vice President of Diputación and Vice President of Environment and Internal Tourism, Cristóbal Ortega, who made it clear that through this pioneering meeting, Diputación intends to transform the province of Málaga into The national standard for this outdoor activity Which consists in searching, using GPS coordinates, for containers called “geocaches” or “caches”.

Ortega explained that this hobby began as an entertainment for a group of GPS specialists. Currently, he The game is played all over the world This contains about three million followersmostly in the US (830,000 active users), Germany (375,000), and the UK (160,000).

The meeting will be held in the Copper Forest from Saturday 15 October until 15 November with more than fifty caches They can be searched individually or as a team. To participate, it is only necessary to have a GPS receiver and open an account at https://www.geocaching.com/play, where all “caches” will appear.

It is celebrated on Friday in Alpandeire and Benalauría Two workshops to explain the dynamics of the activity for all concerned.

Once the activity is completed, the file Diputación will award the top three teamsfor the first three local players (registered in the municipalities of the Copper Forest) and for the first three visitors with the most ‘caches’ found.

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