Eight cybersecurity tips to avoid losing mobile data this Easter

At Easter, the chances of online attackers resorting to tactics of tricking users into downloading malware increase. (Freepik)

In times of vacation eg Easter HolidayPersistence of users on digital platforms is increasing, and with it are risks security breach From the data that exploits the occasion to make a large number of purchases or transactions.

Under this scenario, cyber attackers are more likely to resort to deception tactics with users to download malware, provide sensitive data, and compromise their devices, in order to impersonate and steal personal information to commit crimes.

According to a report Global Risks 2022 affiliate World Economic ForumThe failure of cybersecurity, digital inequality and disruption of the information technology infrastructure are some of the major threats in the world over the next two to five years.

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said Juan Marino, Regional Director, Inc Electronic security from cisco.

Some malicious apps will try to disguise themselves as a legitimate version of the one you might be looking for. (Freepik)

In this sense, the company recommends some safety keys to consider at this time of year:

First of all, they advise downloading applications from trusted and official stores, such as Google Play Store And iOS App Store. Also, do not use apps that ask for suspicious permissions, such as accessing text messages, contacts, stored passwords, and administrative functions.

Some malicious apps will try to disguise themselves as a legitimate version of the one you might be looking for.

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Signs of these apps include poor spelling and grammar in app descriptions and interfaces, lack of high-quality performance, and developer communication using a free email service such as @gmail.com.

It is recommended to use payment services such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay (Unsplash)

Third, it is important to avoid clicking on spam emails. Make sure you sign up for any emails from marketing that it receives from retailers before it is opened.”

Another recommendation is to use a native ad blocker in your browser. These campaigns often preclude any advertising campaigns intended to take advantage of bargain-hunting shoppers.

Fifth, it is recommended to use paid services such as Google PayAnd Samsung Pay And Apple Pay. These methods use the extension coding instead of “Main Account Number”, which makes the transaction more secure.

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Also, set unique complex passwords for each site. Attackers often reuse passwords to breach multiple accounts with the same username, “Use a password manager if you’re having trouble creating or remembering them,” they state.

Manually typing the URLs of the sites you want to visit instead of clicking on the links.

Sixth, write a file url of websites you want to visit instead of clicking links.

Finally, use multi-factor authentication to log into your email account and prevent unauthorized access.

“In these times, it is essential to know what vulnerabilities our systems have by conducting an assessment of risks, attack possibilities, and ramifications to build a cybersecurity strategy that responds to these elements,” Marino concluded.

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