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The first two billboards for the semi-finals of Continental Boxing Championship Things did not go well for the representatives of Ecuador. The four who entered the ring, three were defeated 5-0 and one The referee stops the fight (Corporate Social Responsibility).

He was one of the fighters that Ecuador had hope for Italo BeriaDividing more than 92 kilos. On the ring, the Ecuadorean began taking blows with his left hand, striking Chilean Miguel Angel Vélez by surprise with his right, who with skillful deception allowed his opponent’s blows to hit the wind.

In the moments when Berea hit his shots, he lowered his guard and this was an opportunity for Velez to hit the accumulated points with one fist after another, given the impotence of the Ecuadorean who had no free way to comfortably hit his opponent.

In the third round, Beria was completely knocked out. He tried to take control of the Chilean, but Velez was waiting for him very expertly. Problems with the Ecuadorean gauntlet led to the fight being suspended for a moment. It was fitting for him to take a breath, for he could be seen exhausted from the effort.

Near the third ring bell, Italo lowered his guard and Velez hit him in the face, which assured him of the points. In the end the Chilean referees gave a 5-0 victory.

On another bad day for Ecuadoreans, the Ecuadoreans Genesis Gomezin the 48-50 kg division, received the RSC within 10 seconds of a second round before America Jennifer Lozano.

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for this part, Valentina Valenciafrom Ecuador, at 60-63 kg lost 5-0 Rebecca Santos, Brazil; In addition to the Ecuadorean Helen Sanchezat 52-54 kilos, dropped 05 by Scarlett Delgadoform Canada.

Other results

45-48K: Maria Dora Fuentes (Colombia) 0-5 Diana Gamez (Guatemala); Priyanka Delon (Canada) 0-5 Florencia Lopez (Argentina).

48-50 kg: Tatiana Flores (Argentina) 5-0 Yovana Martinez (Mexico).

50-52 kg: Lorena Valencia (Colombia) 0-5 Kayla Gomez (US); Melody Vargas 0-5 Patricia Herrera (Mexico).

52-54 kg: Rosario Herrera (Argentina) 5-0 Carolina Fernandez (Mexico).

54-57 kilos: Marcela Arias (Colombia) 1-4 Amelia Moore (US); Ashlian Lozada (Puerto Rico) 5-0 Maria Munoz.

57-60 kg: Lasmin Ferreira (Brazil) 5-0 Narelles Tapia (Puerto Rico).

60-63K: Ange Paula Valdes (Colombia) 2-3 Sofia Gonzalez (USA).

63-66 kg: Beatriz Soares (Brazil) 5-0 Charlie Kavanagh (Canada); Noelia Perez (Argentina) 4-0 Stephanie Pinheiro (Puerto Rico).

66-70 kg: Barbara dos Santos (Brazil) 5-0 Maria Moronta (Dominican); Neirishli Ortiz (Puerto Rico) 0-5 Tamara Cruz (Mexico).


75-80 kg: Christian Benales (Dominican Republic) 5-0 Ramon Ruiz (Paraguay); Johan Caicedo (Colombia) 0-5 Robbie Gonzalez (USA).

More than 92 kilos: Regis Leran (Guest) loses by RSC in 30 seconds of the second round against Jerome Moavo (Canada).

This Wednesday, the two semi-finals will take place from 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Both sessions will be broadcast on ESPN and Star +.

Tickets for this stage of the tournament cost $7. (Dr)

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