Ecovado, the sustainable alternative to avocado that comes from the UK

Avocados are everywhere. It’s delicious, healthy and fresh InstagramWhich makes it green gold for Spain, Europe and the whole world. There are a few places where no one actually knows about avocado toast and boiled eggs. But, as we’ve already commented on a few occasions in Traveler, its production is not at all sustainable. To produce a kilo of avocado between them 600 and 1000 liters of water. And it’s not that in Spain we have a lot of water …

Avocado consumption in Spain is on the verge of collapse, because although it is very healthy, it is impossible to eat it every day. We give you the reasons. The search for new alternatives to this delicious fruit is a global urgency, perhaps a graduate Central Saint MartinsArina Shakouhi has a possible solution.

The young woman has created what we might call trompe l’oeil, the Ecovado, an alternative that at first glance might say is avocado.

The sustainable version of avocado was created at St Martins School.Tom Manion

Avocados have become a modern cultural icon synonymous with hipster cafes and trendy Instagram posts.. However, avocado production is energy and resource intensive: each avocado requires 320 liters of water to grow and harvest internationally. Avocados are one of the most unsustainable crops for export,” he says in his professional project.

Its production, he adds, is causing deforestation of diverse landscapes around the world. So Ecovado is an avocado alternative that uses design to help consumers reduce the amount of avocados they eat by introducing them to unknown but more diverse combinations of ingredients.

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Will you try it?Tom Manion

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