Ebrard meets with Anthony Blinden for the High Level Economic Dialogue

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that after the second annual meeting of the High-Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN), between officials from Mexico and the United States, the two countries agreed, among other things, on environmental transportation at the border. To improve air quality and public health.

In addition to giving preference to electric cars, which means a great opportunity for Mexico to improve supply chains, in addition to taking advantage of the US inflation reduction law, which includes $369 billion to reduce emissions and stimulate demand for electric cars and clean energy technologies, which will increase investment in the manufacturing sector.

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This will lower energy costs for families and businesses, support our supply chains, and enhance our collective energy security. They will also create jobs in both countries and position North America as a leader in clean energy. To rebuild together, Mexico and the United States will cooperate to improve the business climate and enhance the resilience of supply chains between the two countries,” the joint statement explains.

Ebrard meets with Anthony Blinden for the High Level Economic Dialogue

They also promised to work with the private sector, as well as to develop a pilot program to bring semiconductor supply production centers closer in the event of a crisis in this sector again and to support small and medium-sized businesses.

Border update

SRE also gave the link that they promised to modernize the existing infrastructure at more than three thousand kilometers of the common border, for which Mexico will allocate $1,500 million to unite border communities and make the two-way flow of commerce and people safer and more efficient.

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Ebrard meets with Anthony Blinden for the High Level Economic Dialogue

As for what will happen on the southern borders of Mexico and other countries in the region, cooperation to create jobs in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and southern Mexico will not stop and thus stop irregular migration that affects millions of people.

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“Our federal governments, in partnership with regional private sector leaders, have organized five joint meetings with the governors of southeastern Mexico states to advance public-private cooperation to advance investment opportunities, economic development, and environmental and climate goals.”

Ebrard meets with Anthony Blinden for the High Level Economic Dialogue

In addition, labor and education authorities from Mexico and the United States will come together to share the best experiences in apprenticeships and vocational and technical education programmes.

“Our collaboration to improve technical education and create English language degrees will enable students to train for a career in high-tech manufacturing, which is a key factor in attracting more investment as we seek to attract inputs for production. This work includes implementing programs for women entrepreneurs and coordinating with small business development centers to expand their networks Professional in Southern Mexico.

Ebrard meets with Anthony Blinden for the High Level Economic Dialogue

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