Eating healthy can also cause problems

eat fruits and vegetables, and reduce the consumption of sugars, fats and ultra-processed foods, Eat a low-sodium diet It is one of the best ways to avoid disease. Even the front tags It is one of the measures framed in the Healthy Eating Promotion Act, whose main objective is to promote healthy choices, identifying foods with high calorie content and low nutritional value in a quick and simple way.

Although a healthy path is always recommended, none of the extremes is good. This is the condition of people who suffer Osteopathya Eating disorders because of a Obsession For healthy eating.

Knowing and paying attention to the nutritional quality of foods is not a problem in itself. However, people with orthorexia have an obsession with “healthy eating” that ends up doing the opposite: harming their health.

It is expected that we can devote part of our energy to planning meals, choosing what to eat, and the quantity, but what cannot be expected, it really generates a lot of suffering and exhaustion, is that these Decisions become fearswhich becomes permanent, occupying a significant part of the day, even hours.

What role do social networks play when we talk about Orthorexia?

An important factor to note is afraidAnd fear of eating food groups or particular characteristicsfear of going to places where they may be exposed to food they consider “unhealthy”, fear associated with the belief that if they eat certain foods they could get sick, cause damage to their health, or affect their appearance or body composition, especially when Food is chosen for aesthetic purposes.

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Thus we can see how food ends up being a cause of stress and anxiety, which makes people sick, and achieves completely opposite goals than what is theoretically required.

We know that today we are almost always connected and connected through networks social, which means exposure to and/or access to a lot of information. There is no doubt about all the benefits that this represents, but many times the content that we find on the networks is not supported by scientific bases, let alone published by professionals already trained in the subject.

Generally social networks It’s a catalyst for entering these eating disorders, because it shows standards of perfection that don’t exist, especially in terms of filters and ideal body image.

It is a fact that people who More followers they have in networksThey are people who dedicate their lives to exercising and eating healthy, and maintaining letters of success if they maintain this behavior.

Without a doubt, this means that the people who are most prepared and want to lead successful lives begin to belong to a “decent” society, which makes it impossible to see Moving away from this standard of perfection is also healthy sometimes.

This type of exposed position is extremely dangerous in adolescence or adulthoodto generate a post OsteopathyAnd Other eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

This is why it is essential that you have it criteria when selecting content That we expose ourselves, especially if we talk about the age groups that are most susceptible to these false messages such as children and adolescents.

The importance of a healthy relationship with food

a A healthy relationship with food He who thinks of eating food for pleasure. Of course it is important to eat well and have a varied diet. But going to extremes or eating a diet with certain characteristics that make us live in fear or consume a large part of our vital energy is not what we are looking for.

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In the event that the positions are related to this or another type of Eating disordersA multidisciplinary approach is necessary, which includes clinical, psychological and nutritional therapy.

In this regard, who Allende Sanatorium Nutrition ServiceThe patient is educated on eating methods, food selection, weight control, and vital parameters control.

meanwhile since Mental health serviceand in level psychologywe work on eating behavior, on ideason the environment and it field of psychiatry Organic work is done with the goal of improving symptoms such as altered thinking, anxiety, distress or any symptoms associated with an eating disorder.

Finally, specialists in both services advise the possibility Learn to live between extremes That our life be in it balance. And if we find ourselves needing to learn or improve our diet, To always be accompanied by professionals who encourage a healthy relationship And accompany in the process of changing or improving habits, without fear and without destroying self-confidence, generating something positive, and not on the contrary making us sick.

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