Earth Two: Why is Science Creating a New Blue Planet?

It’s not the plot of a science fiction movie, science is actually trying to create a dossier Second EarthBut it’s not exactly that you have a reserve in case we end up destroying our home like in a movie Pixar, Wall E. (Where a little robot is forced to clean up our mess so that one day we can start destroying it again, similar to the myth of Sisyphus.)

At this point in the game, we can no longer ignore a topic Climate change, Many say it is a trick, conspiracy theory, or invention to control us and create fear, but it only takes a quick query to apply the weather, find out what happened to the snowfall in Texas, and the increasing number of wildfires in California Or pay attention to what is happening around us to realize that we are in crisis and something needs to be done about it.

Some recycle, others protest, and stop buying a lot of clothes or eating less meat, but a group of scientists has thought of something a little bigger, to build Second Earth (And it’s definitely something that science fiction inspired with their movies) that allows them to understand the climate crisis, and hopefully, find ways to solve our problem.

Why is a second land being built?

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What does the new earth look like?

It’s not exactly a physical planet that we can live on, but rather an accurate and scientifically manageable digital version where all kinds of things can be done. Simulation of meteorological phenomena This could be dangerous to humans, in order to better understand how they evolved and how we can prepare for facing them in a more effective way (such as when there is a tsunami risk).

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The project is being developed by The European Center for Medium-Term Weather Forecast, the European Space Agency and the European Organization for the Exploration of Meteorological Satellites, Those who work in a laboratory in Zurich and hope to finish the project in the next ten years.

“The new model of the Earth system will represent practically all surface processes Earth In the most realistic way possible, including human influence on the management of water, food, energy and the processes of the Earth’s physical system. “

With this, experts can tell us which areas Venice They can end up inundated in the event of a flood, finding areas at risk of natural disasters, and predicting the severity of natural disasters, which is essential to better prepare to deal with the consequences of natural disasters.

History of the Biosphere 2

And there isn’t just one Second Earth My number, in the Arizona desert you can find it Biosphere 2, A project created by a group of “hippies” (they called it Obada) who decided to create a gigantic facility where all of the Earth’s ecosystems would be found.

The desired goal is Biosphere 2 The goal was to recreate the desert, jungle, and ocean, bring in animals with different spices, recreate different climates, then take 8 people to live there for two consecutive years, without contact with the outside world, to determine if on a point you can do something like that in Mars.

The project that appears in the documentary by NetflixIt was a failure, there was no real science behind it, and it seemed that all eight participants were starving and suffocating due to their inability to control carbon dioxide levels, but Biosphere 2 was eventually purchased by University of Arizona, Who decided to restore the project, but with an approach that no longer seeks to colonize Mars, but to understand the problem of climate change and the impact of humans on the planet, in order to find better solutions in the future.

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