Earn hundreds of dollars watching Netflix and discover how you do it

Finding your “dream job” is a longing for many, especially if it is a first job. Although spending hours in the office is for some a sign of stability, more and more people are looking to generate additional income through other activities. to a British guy Watch popular platform programming flow It could be one of them.

Trying to get a job at Netflix, the girl revealed that she earns $239 per month for watching series and movies during her working day.

In an interview with womanAnd Rachel, 28, recounted how she got the job “Netflix tag” (Marker selector) for nearly six months. Since he needed extra income, it seemed like a good idea to apply. “I thought, ‘Am I going to get paid to watch Netflix?'” I love him! “

“Ticked” is responsible for watching the series and movies that are inside the platform, especially the original products. Then you have to sort them out Categories, with metadata and short descriptions. In this way, users will be able to easily find the contents and the recommendations will be more accurate.

Once she spotted the opportunity, the woman went to the Netflix website Submit your application. From his experience, the secret is to “review the page regularly until you find it”, since then It is a highly sought after position by young people. If the American company likes the resume, it will schedule a remote interview to evaluate the candidate.

Being a streaming platform “teacher” seems like your dream job, although it’s not as easy as it sounds, according to a young Netflix employee.unsplash

In general, they are appreciated Knowledge of content writing and digital marketing. The girl described the interview they had with her; They explained to him that he would have to see the programs and do their own tagging, as well Write summaries of the upcoming production.

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Although it seems simple, the woman stressed that it is still a job that also requires specific skills. For example, knowing how to write, having good spelling and knowledge of production. “It’s easy for me, because I’ve been writing content for a few years as my main job, but it’s not for everyone.“, to caution.

Netflix is ​​the largest streaming platform in the worldunsplash

He also admitted that he does not consider his job a “long-term” job. However, you agree to this It is a great opportunity to add extra income for activities from home.

Like the young woman, other people who like movies and series to watch from home can look for these remote jobs. everyone Subject to availability The process varies by platform. Here’s the process for applying for a job at Netflix:

As an additional tip, many platforms or content companies have summer internship programs for those who want to gain experience within the company.


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