EA breaks the puzzle and announces more downloadable content despite fan frustration

A teaser sparked speculation this morning, but those responsible for the saga have other plans.

In September, it will be eight years since the launch The Sims 4which in turn came after five years of The Sims 3. With this expected delivery of each installment of a successful franchise, many are wondering When will EA release The Sims 5?. We don’t have an answer to this question, but we know that today won’t be that day.

distance Unleash all kinds of speculation In the last hours after a brief teaser was posted on social media, the saga officials presented a second video, which is more illuminating, in which the arrival of new content in The Sims 4 was confirmed, and they specifically mentioned Two sets and one content pack A brand new social simulation title from Maxis Between this month and June.

The fun begins when the sun goes down, so make the most of the season’s nights, can be read along with the new teaser. From what has been shown, we can glimpse the arrival of creatures of the night, as well as werewolves, although everything seems to indicate that we will have to wait to see what it includes.

What is not a mystery is the series fan’s dissatisfaction. This video was quickly replicated by users wondering about The Sims 5, while others are excited about the advanced content. As always, opinions varied on an important story for EA accounts.

Meanwhile, there are those who use the advantages of Unreal Engine 5 to imagine What The Sims 5 might look like on current PC and consoles.

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