Dying Light 2 will have 4K, 60 FPS, or Raytracing modes on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Techland’s long-awaited adventure is currently dated to 2021, in the absence of an exact month.

Death light 2 He was not dead, he was celebrating outside. After 2020 is somewhat turbulent for Techland And their project, the Polish studio, last month, they provided a project status update where they mentioned it Dying Light 2 will go on sale in 2021. Or, at least, that’s your current prediction. With the project better guided, as well as a promise of more transparency, officials agreed Interview To WCCFTech as they confirm, among other things, that Dying Light 2 will appear Three performance modes On next generation controllers.

There will be a Quality, Performance and 4K modeWhen Dying Light 2 hits stores, players are Xbox X Series And PlayStation 5 They will have three different graphic options for the adventure. Until confirming it Tomash SalkovskyProject Graphic Presentation Manager: “Our plan is to have you choose between Quality (includes ray tracking)And Performance (+60 fps), And 4K. While we continue to work hard on the game’s performance, I cannot provide further details at the moment. We try to get the most out of [consolas de] New generation”.

Therefore, it seems that there will be a mode that focuses on resolution, another on image fluidity, and another that strives for the best graphic quality with Use raytracing. A host of modes are gradually becoming the standard for next-generation gaming, with Techland promising that they will make good use of these devices’ hardware. As part of the interview, the team also spoke about The world volume of Dying Light 2. Some of you will remember that in 2018, there was talk of that His world will be four times larger than that of Dying Light.

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Dying Light 2 will have a world four times larger than its predecessor

This has not changed, at least during its evolution. “It has not been reducedVolume, says programmer Lukasz Burdka, “The estimate that DL2 will be 4 times larger than the original game is the most accurate estimate we can give. The map of Dying Light 2 is more vertical, It provides many opportunities for exploration, so the city looks bigger than it is. “This comes from a question by WCCFTech, who wanted to know if the map size means Technically challenging To study.

“It’s not technology that limits the size of the map,” says Burdka. “What limits the size of the map is Time taken to fill it Unique playable challenges, unforgettable stories, and exciting exploration opportunities. “So Techland is so confident in the capabilities of its engine to bring to life. A more open, diverse and larger world In this sequel. While we await more information about its launch, we invite you to review it with us What made the first dying light so special.

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