Duplass (IU) accuses mayor of ‘escaping to Canada’

Alba Duplass. / Photo: IU
Alba Duplass.  / Photo: IU
Alba Duplass. / Photo: IU

The alleged words and accusations allegedly typical of populist rhetoric are what the United Left Council (IU) member said on Friday, alba doubles, About the mayor’s trip to Canada, Jose Maria Peledo (PP), the first deputy mayor, Elizabeth Albus (CS). Especially when the attendance of the two will be part of the Heritage Cities Meeting, whose 2024 conference has been brought to the capital, which will mean a huge boost to it.

But this was not important for the mayor of Ayo to attack the local council member, as he emphasized that “it draws our attention, at the moment we live with reports from oversight bodies, which agree with us in the complaints raised in the ‘state of infrastructure’, The mayor and first deputy go abroad.”

Dublas has tried to justify his accusation by the fact that “as far as there is an agenda, there is a very serious problem here.” At the same time as IU’s counselor allowed herself to confirm it, While “Córdoba on the map of national corruption, the mayor and his replacement disappear from the national map.”

Similarly, Dublas pointed out that “The latest news is that the mayor was hereAnswer the questions posed by the opposition. He stressed that “they intend to settle the matter by expelling Dorado against all those not associated with him (It was Dorado who requested this), while the truth is that day after day new information appears indicating a conspiracy in which the public responsibilities must be determined and Special. And the mayor should be the first to care about providing maximum transparency, rather than fleeing to Canada by evading his responsibility.

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