“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” had a better-than-expected opening at the box office

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Of Thieves,” the Paramount film based on the role-playing game created by Dave Arneson in 1974, hits international cinemas this weekend and has been awarded Better results than expected.

in United State A collection of about $30 million was predicted and exceeded 38.5 millionas collected Delivery time. Although they are not very loud characters, they portend a good future for the movie. At the international box office, the movie also fared better than expected, for a grand total of $71.5 million. Of the 60 countries where it was projected, 33 million were obtained, more than the 25 that were projected.

Put the movie itself in Number one in the US, UK, Mexico, Australia and Spain. Although it did not reach number one in Germany and Korea, the collection did better than the Spanish and Italian box office collection. In China, where there were no great expectations, it made 5 million sober, which was not enough to overtake the film “Suzume”, the first at the box office.

Chinese premiere

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” did not expect a great reception at the Chinese box office, mainly due to the strained relationship that Hollywood and the Asian giant have had for years. Marvel, Warner or Disney films had been censored in the country for some time, until December, With the premiere of Avatar: The Sense of Water, and in January with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, China opened the season up a bit.. Although the relationship appears to be improving, there is still a magnifying glass reviewing films before premieres for LGBTQ+ content or “political propaganda.” If the government sees fit, it can order changes to be made by the studios or directly veto the premiere, something that didn’t happen with Dungeons & Dragons.

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