Dune Spice Wars sets its PC release date and introduces its new playable faction: Fremen

The strategy video game based on the world of Herbert will be released early on Steam.

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The fight for control of the planet Arrakis begins in a few weeks. Funcom and Shiro . Games Confirmed launch today PC] From Sand Dunes: Spice Wars, a real-time strategy video game with 4X elements inspired by the famous sci-fi world by Frank Herbert. Specifically, it will be available in early access through Steam this April 26.

“With the huge number of fans of the Dune series in our studio, the excitement in the work environment is very real, and we hope this is reflected in the game,” said Sebastian Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games. “With All this passion for original work And the experience we gained in creativity NorthguardWe can’t wait for this new game to be in the players’ hands.”

Taking advantage of this announcement, Shiro Games has also confirmed the integration of Fourth playable RTS faction: Freemen. It has increased mobility and resistance to desert elements, less chance of attracting huge sandworms, and improved ability to ally with Sietches (neutral aboriginal settlements on planet Arrakis). “Fremen provides a unique position to expand their sphere of influence and dominate the planet. Find out all about these aboriginal desert survivors below.”

Thus, Fremen joins Atreides, Harkonnens, and Smugglers in the fight for the Spice in Dune: Spice Wars. The game is expected to remain in early use for nine months to a year. Remember that this is only One of several dune bashing video games being worked on at Funcom. And so, we also learned a few months ago Multiplayer proposal developed in collaboration with Nukklear.

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In the background, the success of Dennis Villeniueve, now available on HBO Max, which we recommend you read Criticize your mates.

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