Drone delivery service has been closed in Australia due to bird attacks

Wing, the home drone delivery service in AustraliaAfter finding out, she had to temporarily suspend her activity The original crow almost killed one of his units, As mentioned El Canberra Time.

This is the company you work for the alphabet, the global company of google browserSince 2019, all kinds of supplies in the area, from coffee, medicine, meals and office supplies, have been delivered to the residents of Canberra.

The drones, which allow you to quickly take orders from the store to the house, have propellers on most of the top of the hull. crows Looks like they found the weak point where there are no ciphers: Right at the rudder, where did they come from.

Wing announced this week that it will stop its services due to several incidents of crows pouncing on flying machines. This comes at a time of increasing demand for deliveries due to delays in many ways.

Wing drones are attacked by a crow when they are about to drop a parcel,

Although Wing stresses that it is unlikely to be A bird drops one of its delivery planes, he understands as “very strange events”, usually occurring in the nesting season, when “birds pounce on moving objects”.

“It is highly unlikely, should a bird come into direct contact with our drone, that it would be shot down. We have multiple levels of security built into our operations to ensure we can continue to travel safely,” the spokesperson said.

According to the view of ornithologists, the fans of these devices vibrate Represent the invasion of airspaceThat’s why angry birds rush towards the drones with the aim of scaring intruders.

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Therefore, experts recommend that the service should be postponed for a few days. Even the flow of these birds diminishes.

Drone wings delivery.

Drone wings delivery.

What is more, Crows are very jealous of their air limits They try to drive out intruders, including other, larger birds such as wedge-tailed eagles, which have a wingspan of 2.3 meters.

Wayne Condon, lead pilot and instructor at drone training in Australia, told the network that drone operators They should avoid known nesting sites.

annoying noise

And while Canberra has been satisfied with its home delivery, it is also aware that these drones are low-flying, They make annoying noises that you hear all the time.

This is not the only attack recorded in Australia. Weeks ago, it went viral tik tok Viewed video A magpie chasing a drone on a desert beach.

After several maneuvers to try to avoid the aggressor, the small device was dropped and fell to the ground. Where the bird clicked for several seconds.

Drone carriers face a variety of real-world obstacles, from airspace regulation to a myriad of logistical issues.

Wired UK published a report earlier this year The gradual collapse of Amazon Prime Air, Delivery division with drones Amazon, a “disordered” project and in a “perpetual state of orderly chaos”.


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