Driver Oscar Centeno appeared in Comodoro B to testify in a corruption case

The former driver of the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning Roberto BarattaAnd Oscar ryeAnd Today he returned to the federal courts in Komodoro B after more than three years. He did so to give answers to an interrogation drafted by the judge Daniel Ravikas At the request of the Spanish judiciary, Where a case is being considered against Isolux.

As reconstructed Nation According to judicial sources, Centeno was specifically questioned about handovers of money from then-officials at Isolux to former Ministry of Planning officials, Baratta and Julius Davido Former District Minister.

He was asked questions regarding the annotations he made in his notebooks for which he is famous which led to a huge legal case still pending, but he did not provide details or explanations. “He was in the car during the visits to collect money and gave no details.A judicial source said to this medium.

Juan Carlos Goicoechea, The director of Isolux during the events questioned by justice, admitted as an accused collaborator that he had handed over money to former Kirchner officials.

Ravicas was appointed as a vicar, a number to facilitate the declaration requested by judicial officials in Spain, and to control the legality of the act, not because the judge decided to summon Centeno.

The books in which Centeno registered the illegal circuits set up by De Vido and Baratta to raise money from companies in the energy and construction sectors are in Federal Oral Court 7, which He was drawn to conduct the oral trial of the major corruption case involving more than 100 defendants.

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